My Emsculpt Experience Was Great

MarlyV Patient gender: Female Patient age: 36 Cost: $3,150

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Performed 2018

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A couple of months ago, I had a series of Emsculpt treatments.  Let me tell you about the journey and results.

After two children, I noticed that my body was sagging a bit and there were several unwanted pounds and inches on my frame, especially on my abdomen and butt.  I don’t think this is unusual for my age and lifestyle, but then I saw some photos from my wedding and I began to wonder if I could ever get back to looking like I did – or at least near it.  So, I started watching what I ate and hitting the gym three times a week.  That approach did work a little, but I just couldn’t get back to the look I used to have.

I did a lot of research online and saw everything from miracle creams and exercise videos to holistic treatments to procedures offered by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  Some of the more dramatic solutions involved surgery, but I was looking for a non-surgical procedure that could get me to my goal.

Believe me, even in more mainstream fields like dermatology and plastic surgery, there are a number of treatment options.  I researched and then did some follow-up on a relatively new treatment called Emsculpt.  I set up consultations with a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon.  Both offered many procedures, including Emsculpt.

I was told that the optimum number of treatments are 4, spread over the course of 2 weeks.  The treatments aren’t cheap, and the price likely varies by your location.  You can literally go on your lunch hour if you want or after work if you want to go home (which I did).

I brought my workout gear to the doctor’s office; changed; and then laid on a table face down.  We decided to begin with my butt and do the abdomen second.  No numbing gels or local anesthesia were necessary.  The technician just wheeled the machine over and placed the device – which for the butt treatment – looks like two paddles, and started the procedure.

It wasn’t painful.  I did feel my muscles contracting, like I was doing some work on my glutes, but I wasn’t exerting any effort.  I did feel little zaps of energy every now and then, but otherwise nothing I couldn’t handle.

I then rolled over and we began the treatment on my abdomen.  This paddle was about the size of a small frying pan and delivered the same pulsing sensation.  The whole procedure lasted about 30 minutes.  I went a total of four times over two weeks for the procedure.

I did feel a little sore for a day or two – the kind of soreness that goes with a good workout at the gym.  Other than that, there wasn’t any downtime and I could continue with my normal activities.  After about 4 to weeks I noticed the effects – a more muscular look to my butt and abdomen, as well as a reduction in fat.  Make sure you’re deemed a good candidate for the procedure (don’t think it’s going to take off 50 pounds and give you instant muscles) and follow post-procedure recommendations.  One other note – after the Emsculpt procedures, it’s best to keep on exercising and eating right if you want to maintain the results of the treatments.

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