My Emsculpt Treatment on My Lower Pooch

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How did I learn about EMSculpt?

About 15 years ago I had finished having kids and my abdomen looked nothing like the abdomen I had when I was 17 years old. My stomach stretched out to the point that I couldn’t do enough sit ups, planks, or leg raises that could possibly tighten my lower abdomen pooch. I was so fed up with the appearance of my profile and the puffy bottom part of my abdomen after years and years of working on my belly with no avail. I finally met with my dermatologist one day for a routine skin check and got lucky – she just got in this new machine, EMSculpt made by BTL, that could work my abs unlike any other workout, and combine the work of months of sit ups in just 30 minutes.


What is EMSculpt?

According to my dermatologist, who was very excited about this new machine coming into her office, almost 10 clinical studies have been published to support the machine’s use of its electromagnetic pulses to sculpt your abdomen with “supramaximal contractions”. The electromagnetic pulses actually stimulate muscles in the abdominal area – including your oblique muscles! You couldn’t even attempt to recreate this at the gym – it allows you to complete 20,000 muscle contractions, i.e. 20,000 sit ups, in just 30 minutes! I remember back in the late 1990’s learning that Britney Spears did 1,000 sit ups a day to achieve her perfectly sculpted abdomen – and I could now recreate all that work in 30 minutes, not 20 days. How could I say no?!


What are the risks of EMSculpt?

Because treatment is non-ionizing, non-radiating, and non-thermal, there are no side effects – also no scars and no recovery time. Is there honestly any procedure out there that could both decrease fat and increase muscle that wouldn’t cause side effects? Apparently, EMSculpt by BTL is the only machine of its kind – making me wish I bought some stock in the company years ago.

What is the cost of EMSculpt?

I signed up that day for the following week and couldn’t be more pumped for the procedure. I was going to be charged $750/session because I had a smaller abdomen (according to the doctor) that would require only one paddle be used per session. For wider patients, she charges more – another lucky moment. I was signed up for 4 sessions total, 2 sessions per week for 2 weeks, with at least 1 day of rest in between. After leaving the office that day I was so pumped, literally and figuratively, that I was able to finally do something other than a tummy tuck to get my abdomen back in fighting shape.


What is the EMSculpt procedure like?

The next week I showed up for my first session, made sure to empty my bladder as advised, wore yoga pants and sports bra without wiring or buttons (apparently the manufacturer isn’t keen on having metal on, although apparently people do it and nothing happens). I was escorted to the exam room with a very pleasant medical assistant I had met before. I signed some consent paperwork, was made comfortable on the exam table, then a Velcro belt and the paddle were applied directly over my abdomen. She asked if I was ready, and thought to myself, heck yes! The machine started slowly with mild pulsations that began to intensify and the MA adjusted the machine, then adjusted the position of the applicator and so on. Each screen adjustment she made on the machine increased the intensity of the pulsations and I could see and feel my abdomen tightening and relaxing right before my eyes. Then the clicks slowed and jolted differently, which I was told occurred to allow the buildup of muscle fatigue (lactic acid) leave the area then it jacked up again to stronger more consistent pulsations. I couldn’t say it was painful, it was just like tightening of my abs that I could feel. I didn’t get sweaty like I would have at the gym working as hard as my core was working during those 30 minutes, but I definitely felt a little tired. Ultimately, I didn’t feel as sore as I would have expected my first session, and by my last (fourth) session in the second week, I actually finished up the course feeling stronger. I even felt like my posture and some of my back pain that I had after a long day at work was going away.


What are the results of EMSculpt?

After my 4 sessions I felt a little hooked and was somewhat sad that my time with the machine was over. However, the doctor told me that in 3-6 months I was welcome to come back for a refresher and to maintain the results that I could never seem to achieve at the gym. About 4 weeks after the last session my husband snuck a peak of me getting out of the shower and said, “hey, you lose weight?” I smiled, and said, “No, I did 80,000 sit ups at the dermatologist’s office last month in 2 hours…try and beat that!” 

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