My Excessive Sweating Was Embarrassing and MiraDry Was a Permanent Solution

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I had a miradry treatment back in 2013 and was very satisfied with my results. I went to dermatologist Dr. Vlada Groysman of Cahaba Dermatology in Alabama.

I first learned about the miradry procedure by watching the TV show The Doctors, where it was touted as a new treatment for sweat reduction. On the show, they had a patient who suffered from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, and it was impacting their life. The doctors on the show explained that miradry worked by using microwave energy in the form of heat to permanently destroy the sweat glands responsible for underarm sweat. The patient who had the procedure done said that they no longer worried about the sweat stains appearing on their clothes and that was the same worry I had. The dress clothes I wore would quickly get drenched from my underarm sweating. I even tried wearing thicker white shirts under my dress clothes and that was of no help either. It was very embarrassing.

A few weeks after the miradry episode on The Doctors, I did some online research to figure out if miradry was a good treatment or just a TV scam. I read over lots of miradry reviews and also learned about other treatment option, like Botox injections. I learned that the biggest difference between Botox and miradry, is that Botox is only temporary and you have to go back to the doctor every few months. I don't get much time off from work, so that was not an option.

The experience that pushed me over the edge to get miradry, was when one of my coworkers asked my excessive sweating caused the underarm odor she was smelling. was time to get this treatment done.

The miradry machine looks like a computer on wheels. It has a big screen and a handheld device with blinking bars and a timer on it. Before I was zapped with the machine, I had to get dressed into a gown. I removed my shirt but left my pants on (thank god). Dr. G then applied a grid to my underarms that outlined where my sweat glands were and was used to guide the placement of the machine. Then came the part where my underarms were numbed with lidocaine. That was probably the worst part of the whole procedure. I felt the needle a bit more as it got close to the deepest part of my underarm. It was over quickly though and wasn't so painful that I wanted to jump out of my chair. It was just a pinch with a little bit of a burning sensation.

When I was zapped with the machine, it didn't hurt at all. The whole treatment was over before I knew it. I was given ice packs to apply to my underarms and sent home.

That night my arms felt like this heavy numbness feeling. I wouldn't describe it as pain but it was a unique sensation. I had some broken vessels that causes little red marks under my arms too. I think that was from the lidocaine injections. These were noted as possible side effects and I wasn't concerned about them. Otherwise everything was fine.

Now that it's been a few years since my treatment, I can safely say that it worked. 75% of people only need one treatment and I was one of those people. Miradry was a lasting solution and I am no longer embarrassed by my excessive underarm sweating at work. My shirts stay dry and I'm extremely happy that I had this treatment. I would like to thank Dr. G for recommending it and doing such a great job treating me!

Dr. Vlada Groysman


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