My Experience Getting 375CC Silicone High Profile Implants. $6500, Photos and Videos.

Lucyli Patient gender: Female Patient age: 33 Cost: $6,500

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My Experience Getting 375CC Silicone High Profile Implants. $6500, Photos and Videos. - review image.
My Experience Getting 375CC Silicone High Profile Implants. $6500, Photos and Videos. - review image.
My Experience Getting 375CC Silicone High Profile Implants. $6500, Photos and Videos. - review image.
My Experience Getting 375CC Silicone High Profile Implants. $6500, Photos and Videos. - review image.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2010

Procedure review

Hi, My name is Lucy and I was 22 years old when I decided to have breast implant surgery. I began looking for possible breast augmentation surgeons in the spring of 2016. I knew I would have to start looking early, since after the initial consultation, the actual surgery date is 3-5 months away. I wanted to go into the consultation with a good background on the procedure, so I read numerous amounts of information on the procedure including implant type, sizes, incision locations, duration, and the possible health risks. I cannot emphasize this enough; research is VERY important. You should go into your consultation knowing the benefits, risks and differences between saline implants and silicone implants. You should know what breast surgery entails: pain, recovery, etc. Please do your research! Now, back to my story.

After looking up reviews and ratings for several surgeons in my area, I narrowed it down to 2 plastic surgeons. Both doctors were very reputable, however I ended up going with the second surgeon, as he had more implant type options and I just seemed to click with him more. He listened to what “look” I wanted, answered any outstanding questions I had, and talked about the possible risks. He let me try on the different sizes of implants and after that he went over the recommended implant sizing, type, and location, which was 350CC, silicone high profile implants placed under the muscle. He did mention that if I wanted the “look” of the 350CC implants, I would have to do 375CC, as placing them under the muscle takes away some of the size. We also decided on an inframammary incision (underneath the breast fold). Having done my research, I either wanted an underarm incision or inframammary incision to hide my scar the best.

After the initial consultation, I booked my surgery date, which was about 3 months away. I was happy that I was finally going through with the procedure, as this was something I have always wanted since the end of high school. I wanted to wait, since I felt like plastic surgery at 18 was too young. Now that I am 22 and have saved up an appropriate amount, I thought it was about time. I always struggled with my small chest and clothes just didn’t fit me well.
I still had one more pre-op appointment with my doctor to ask any additional questions, sign papers, give him my deposit, and finalize everything. The total cost for everything was around 8800$ Canadian dollars (roughly $6,500 US).  We also went over any recommendations and information prior to the surgery at the 2nd appointment. His nurse, who was a very nice lady, went over all the pre-op and post-op recommendations with me such as no aspirin/vitamin E at least 3 weeks before the surgery and 1 week after, no smoking or alcohol 1 week before and after the surgery, no food or drink at midnight before the surgery, no jewelry, no makeup, no deodorant on the day of the surgery, shower the night before and the morning of, and many other recommendations as well.
My boyfriend dropped me off at the clinic on the day of the surgery. I was somewhat nervous but I knew I would be under general anesthesia, so I would be asleep for the entire surgery. I checked in and the nurse gave me my bracelet, a pregnancy test, and gown to change into. After I finished changing and gave her the pregnancy test (negative), she led me into a nice room and sat me down on a very large and comfortable recliner sofa. After waiting half an hour, another nurse came in and greeted me; she took my blood pressure, my temperature, asked me a few questions, and addressed any of my questions and concerns. My doctor and his nurse then came in to say hello and comforted me before the surgery. After another half hour, I was then escorted into the operating room. I started to get nervous as I walked in and saw all the machinery and nurses and doctors in scrubs. I guess it was too late It wasn’t too long before the anesthesia kicked in.
I woke up and felt extremely drowsy. There was a tremendous amount of pressure on my chest. The nurse next to me helped me get out of the bed, helped me get dressed, and gave me a popsicle to eat. She also gave me my doctor’s on-call number for emergencies. She led me to the front of the clinic and I saw my boyfriend sitting in the waiting room. We drove back home and I was so incredibly drowsy on the way back. As the anesthesia weaned off, there started to be some pain in my chest. I took my Tylenol #3 pain medication, but it made me extremely nauseas, so I stuck with just taking regular Tylenol. For a good week, it hurt to lift my arms over my head and carry anything heavy. I had swelling too. The recovery was the worst part, but it was totally worth the pain. Thankfully I had my friends and family to help me out around the house. After 8 weeks, I was back to 100%. I was SO happy with the results; I had gone from a 34B to a 32DD. My self-confidence has improved and I never look in the mirror with dissatisfaction anymore. I love my new breasts and I had the best doctor. My decision to get cosmetic surgery was definitely one of my best decisions!

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