My Experience Getting a Breast Augmentation in Seoul, South Korea.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2016

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For me as a young woman, I find it very important to share my personal experience in the world of cosmetic enhancements. Not only because I personally find it interesting, but I know a few years ago, I too was a woman searching online for answers to my questions and concerns on breast augmentation as it was an enhancement that I had always wanted for many years, however it was hard to find solid information in one place. Now that I am a young woman who has gone through breast augmentation surgery, I made it my personal goal to share my experience to other women who are like me, searching for answers in one place to see if breast augmentation is right for them.

So let me share with you my breast augmentation story.

Since I was a teenager, I had already known I wanted to do this cosmetic enhancement. I wanted it because I had always felt my chest size did not fit well with the rest of my body. I am a small, yet curvy girl of 5'2" with an hour glass figure, however I had a small chest of only an A cup. For me, when I wore swimsuits or even in daily outfits, my proportions of the rest of my body compared to my chest seemed off which affected how I felt not only confidence wise but also when choosing fashion and clothing. I was not happy with my real breasts and I knew breast implant surgery was what I wanted to go through for myself, for my own happiness and self-confidence.

After years of researching online for my options and trying different natural supplement methods with little to no success, I finally found information that intrigued me. That was cosmetic surgery in South Korea. Shortly after, my partner planned to move to Seoul South Korea for work, so I too found work in South Korea and decided to move there with him. Upon moving to Seoul, I started to research different plastic surgery clinics in Seoul to learn their different methods and implants used to create natural looking breasts. With Seoul being the biggest and most advanced industry for cosmetic surgery, I was able to learn as much as I needed to know.

I ended up meeting many other women who had breast augmentations done in Seoul and most all of them had chosen to get a Silicone implants that were tear drop shaped. This implant provides a natural slopped shaped breast comparatively to a round silicon gel implant that creates more volume on the top portion of the breast and all around. I then quickly realized this was the style I wanted. Saline implants did not seem to be nearly as popular in Seoul, so I didn't look into them.

After many recommendations from friends, I found a clinic I was comfortable going to located in the Cheongdam-dong area of Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Cheongdam-dong being known as the hub of plastic surgery in Seoul. I found a clinic with confidence and went in for my consultation. The surgeon was very thorough, with 3D imaging they showed me my breasts before and after with 3 types of different implants: round silicone, round saline and tear drop shaped silicone. Based on the 3D imaging, it was very clear the tear drop shaped silicone implant was the best option for me, as it looked very natural and matched my natural breasts, while providing the volume I desired, which was to go from an A cup to a full C cup. I agreed to the surgery and scheduled that same day.

On the day of the surgery, I arrived with an empty stomach with no food or water, went through the agreements once again to confirm all the correct information and warnings with risks involved with a surgical procedure and commenced the process. I was brought into the operating room which was very sterile, neat and tidy. They laid me on the table and multiple nurses made sure I was comfortable and ready to be put under. The surgeon came in and confirmed what the operation would entitle and then I was put to sleep via IV general anesthesia.

My surgery took only 1 hour. Upon awakening, my throat felt very dry however I had zero pain or nausea. My breast implants were placed above the muscles and were tear drop silicon gel-filled implants of 220cc each. The nurses came in to check on my 3 times to make sure I was okay and to service me water. Once I was feeling normal and of good health, they gave me the OK to head home while being escorted by my partner.

I was given 2 weeks worth of antibiotics and other medication to make sure I had a smooth recovery. I was informed to stay away from spicy foods and alcohol for up to 1 month and to sleep only on my back for at least 3 months during my recovery. During the first 2 weeks of recovery, my breasts were extremely swollen and tight, however over time, the swelling went down. Around 6 months in, the swelling was almost all gone. After 1 year, the swelling was completely gone and the incision scar was very minimal. My incision was performed under the breast, as this location is the safest and easiest for correct placement of the implant and was the location I opted for as it had the lowest risks involved.

It has now been 1.5 years after my breast augmentation surgery and I could not be happier with my decision. I have experienced no negative side effects or complications. Having plastic surgery has literally been the best decision of my life. Of course, going in for surgery is not a light matter and is something you should only do if you have wanted it for a long time and are prepared for the risks involved. However, if you have always wanted it, then this is something I say you should 100% consider doing for yourself.

I cannot be more happy with my overall experience getting a breast augmentation and my great results! I had the best doctor I could have hoped for and he did an amazing job!

Thank you so much for all this information! Can I please ask for the name of the clinic?

Thank you so much for all this information! Could I please ask for the name of the clinic?