My Experience Getting Dental Veneers With Before and After Pictures!

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Before Dental Veneers - My Experience Getting Dental Veneers With Before and After Pictures! - review image.
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Performed 2016

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My entire experience receiving porcelain veneers took about a month. It was worth the wait, time and money, because now I have the perfect smile I've always wanted. I absolutely love my new teeth and my new smile.

I’ve been wanting to get longer and larger-looking teeth ever since I was a little kid. I always felt that my teeth looked too small compared to the rest of my face. Having small teeth was a huge insecurity of mine. I would never smile with my teeth showing, because they are so small, that they don’t even show in pictures. Sometimes I look like an idiot with a small smile in group pictures, compared to my peers. I’d rather smile with no teeth showing than attempt to smile with extremely small and yellow teeth showing. After becoming a YouTuber, I became even more insecure about my smile. I still remember watching YouTube videos about various YouTuber’s experience with veneers and lumineers, and wondered what I would look like after getting the procedure done. I was not happy with my natural teeth and wanted them fixed. I knew that is was time to start looking for a cosmetic dentist who could give me the beautiful smile had always wanted.

After learning about lumineers and veneers, I decided to get them done before my college graduation, so I could be “picture-perfect” for commencement. Since commencement was in May, I started reaching out to dentists at the end of March. After talking with different dentists, I learned that veneers tend to look more natural compared to lumineers. Comparing the two dental offices I spoke with, I decided to get my veneers done at Southland Dental Care. This was mainly because of how friendly Dr. Abaian was, and how much of a transformation I saw with the before and after pictures provided by Southland Dental Care of patients who had dental veneers placed by him.

My first appointment was just x-rays, and honestly, that was probably one of the most “painful” and uncomfortable procedures during the whole process. The staff in charge of x-rays was extremely patient and helpful, but I still felt a lot of pain when I had to bite down on the x-ray film. The second appointment was around one week after the first, and I paid my first payment for the veneers. During the second appointment, I had my teeth whitened and even got temporaries. Normally, the second appointment only consists of teeth whitening, but since I wanted to get my veneers ready for commencement, the dental office sped up the process for me, and allowed me to get my temporary veneers on my second appointment.

The teeth whitening procedure was called ZOOM, and there were 3 rounds. The first 2 rounds did not feel like anything, while the 3rd round gave me a minor stinging sensation. The temporaries were extremely thin, since Dr. Abaian did not grind down much of my natural teeth. The only required grinding was due to the fact that Dr. Abaian found cavities in my front teeth. It’s good news, since I could remove the cavities before putting on my veneers, with no extra cost! Other than the cavities, Dr. Abaian decided to perform minimum grinding on my real teeth to avoid unnecessary damage. As a result, the temporaries Dr. Abaian made by hand were also extremely thin. Since the temporaries were so thin, they started breaking off in my sleep, and I had to get them fixed on the second day. On the third day, the temporaries broke off again, so I decided to just let them be, until I received my permanent veneers.

After 2-3 weeks, the dental office notified me that the lab had received my veneers! This was my third and final appointment. Initially, when I saw the veneers in person, I felt a little disappointed. They looked too large and awkward when Dr. Abaian showed them on top of my teeth. Later, I realized that the veneers “floated” on top of my own teeth, since they were not cemented on. Hence, I would think the veneers looked too disproportionate and awkward. Then they started knocking off and grinding down my temporaries. Since I had a fear of needles, I decided to skip the anesthetics, and dive straight into the procedure. During the third appointment, I only felt minor discomfort and pain. The most uncomfortable part of the procedure was probably the sound of the machines grinding. It is comparable to nails on a chalkboard. This part of the procedure can be alleviated by listening to music. After a couple hours, I was delighted to find out that my smile is complete! Even though I was still getting used the feeling the new, larger and whiter teeth, I could tell that they are definitely an upgrade from my original teeth.

A week later, I decided to get some minor touch ups for my veneers. Dr. Abaian was very patient with the entire process, and he made the touch-up experience very pleasant. Best of all, the touch-up was complimentary! I can now smile confidently in my YouTube videos, in pictures, and in real life. Even though $6000 is a huge chunk of money, I believe the cost of my veneers were well worth it. A good smile can give you so much more confidence, and it is something that you can always bring with you, unlike an expensive bag or car. I now feel like a million bucks and have a true 'hollywood smile.'

I've attached a video for those of you who want to see my entire experience getting veneers. 

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I too had dental veneers. I used to hate to smile. My teeth were short, becoming worn with age, and had gaps. After some research, I came to realize that permanent veneers are the best solution to my problem. I am so unbelievably happy with my new face and smile. My whole face seems to have opened up. It has totally altered my "look" and I feel truly beautiful, truly myself, and am eager to smile big.

Hi Ferra! Glad to hear you've had success with your veneers too!