My Experience Having a Light Chemical Peel With Dr. Stacie McClane

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Chemical Peel


Performed 2017

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Upon my visit to Chicago Plastic Surgery Center, I was asked a couple questions before the procedure. Such as: what my skin type was and if I had received the procedure before. Because I am pretty young and have normal but sensitive skin, I was told that I would have a light chemical peel. I don’t suffer from acne, blackheads, whiteheads or any other sort of skin irritants. I primarily just wanted to have my skin glowing and looking less dull since I live in a dry and cold climate.

Before the doctor started on my procedure, I filled out some intake/consent forms. The forms just asked for general contact information, skin history and other basic information. I undressed to my comfort level and was given a robe and a headband to change into for the procedure. The operation room was your standard operation room, nothing fancy or “spa like”. It was very clean and basic.

She began by cleaning my face, neck and chest off with rubbing alcohol to get any excess oils and dirt from my face. She then used a light moisturizer to use as a protectant. Next, she used the dermaplaning technique before she started the actual chemical peel procedure. It’s nice that this was included in the procedure because, dermaplaning is typically a separate procedure that cost additional. Dermaplaning serves as a physical exfoliation procedure. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently “shave” off the first layer of dead skin on your face. This step didn’t hurt but it does feel like tiny painless scrapes against the skin. I noticed days later that it left behind small abrasions and tiny cuts, which healed on their own.

Next, she used an extractor tool to take away any blemishes. The extraction tool looks alot like a cuticle nail clipper but with a loop on the end. She used this tool to squeeze out and dry out the pus in my blemish. Extractions are a bit uncomfortable for me, the pressure from the tool can hurt in certain areas- in my case my blemish was on my forehead and didn’t hurt all that bad but once she started doing extractions on my nose, it was almost unbearable. It was so painful, my eyes started to water and the pressure from the extraction tool became too much. It was nothing she was doing deliberately, that’s just the price of beauty.

Afterwards, she moved on to the actual chemical peel part. Using the lightest amount of chemical on my face since I didn’t have a lot of problem areas. The chemical stung my skin, almost like applying rubbing alcohol on an open cut. She gave me a mini fan to hold against my face to help with the stinging. Then, she sealed up the chemical with a moisturizer to lock the hydration in.

As the procedure was coming to an end, she massaged my shoulders and neck as the chemicals were seeping in my pores. All in all, the procedure took about 40-45 mins and was pretty painless for the most part, I would recommend for people who want to have a renewed and refreshed look.

I didn’t peel too badly days later, because the dermaplaning really helped with that. My skin stayed glowy for about two weeks and I will definitely be visiting Chicago Plastic Surgery Center to get my next chemical peel. Dr. Stacie McClane took great care of me, patiently explained every step and made sure I was knowledgeable.

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