My Experience Removing a Regretful Tattoo With Lasers

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Performed 2017

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I opted to have laser tattoo removal done to a very small tattoo I’ve had for 7 years. I am a 22 year old African-American female. I chose to have the tattoo removed because it was honestly such a silly tattoo to get and I was so young when I got it done, not to mention it was horribly done and just didn’t even look good. It’s located on my back/side and is visible in most bathing suits and tank tops and of course any type of low back or backless tops. I hate wearing anything where the tattoo was visible so i finally decided to just up and remove it.

I’m located in Houston, Texas, and I went to the newly opened Laser Away clinic. The facility is extremely nice and clean which made me feel a little bit more comfortable. The front desk staff was also very nice and attentive. I arrived for my appointment about 10 minutes earlier than my scheduled time, and was given a questionnaire and consent form to look over and sign. Once completed, I was taken back into a room about 10 minutes later where I was instructed to adjust my clothing so that my tattoo was visible. I liked that I didn’t need to completely remove my top.

The staff member then applied a numbing cream to the area where my tattoo was located and told me to relax and that the nurse would be in in 30 minutes to begin the removal process. There was a television located in the room so I just watched some TV while i waited. I can’t speak to the effectiveness of the numbing cream because you can definitely still feel the removal process - haha.

After about 25 minutes, the nurse performing the procedure stepped in and introduced herself. She took a look at my tattoo and stated that it should be fairly easy to break up as it was already extremely faded and patchy. So that was good news. She also stated that I would probably need about 5-6 more sessions to completely remove the tattoo. This also made me excited because I had heard about 10 sessions were typically needed, so to hear I only needed half that was good news!

The nurse then took a few different before pictures for her records and then handed me a pair of glasses that are to protect your eyes from the laser. I sat on the bed/table with my back facing her and then we began the process. She warned me that the pain is definitely something i’d feel which I didn’t quite believe because I do have such a high pain tolerance. However, I definitely felt this process. It is painful, but definitely bearable. On a scale of 1-10, I would rank it about a 6. Once started the entire process took all of maybe 30 seconds. It is extremely fast. That also helps with the pain because it doesn’t last that long. Of course the bigger the tattoo, the longer the process however it is much much quicker than many other cosmetic procedures.

Once finished she handed me a mirror to look and informed me of the “frosted” appearance. Directly after the procedure, your tattoo will look frosty and super faded, however this is just an effect from the laser and not your actual results. She stated that it would take about 4-6 weeks to see the actual results. So you definitely have to be patient during this process as results aren’t immediate.

After all was said and done, she placed some type of moisturizing cream over the area and taped it up almost like how they do when you get your tattoo. She also informed me the area might feel a little tender/sore for a few days, which I didn’t notice at all.

Overall my first laser removal experience was a good one and I will definitely be continuing my sessions to completely remove the tattoo completely. I will keep you updated on my progress.

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