My Experience With Botox. Costs, Before and After Pictures and Videos.

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My Experience With Botox. Costs, Before and After Pictures and Videos. - review image.
My Experience With Botox. Costs, Before and After Pictures and Videos. - review image.

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2017

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My name is Annie, I'm 27 and live in Los Angeles, California. I've had Botox injections 3 separate times from LaserAway and I am absolutely OBSESSED with it! Ever since high school I've had frown lines on my forehead. That's a pretty young age to be getting those lines, but that's because I've always had very big facial expressions. It’s something that I was insecure about, still am.

I was a little worried when I first inquired about Botox because I was told it wouldn't take the lines away, it would just soften them, pretty much from not being able to move my forehead. Well let me tell you, I was AMAZED with how much of the softening effect it had on my lines!

First, the Botox itself is completely painless. I'm not sure if everywhere uses a tiny needle, but the ones they use at LaserAway in Sherman Oaks, CA, are pretty much the smallest needles made, so zero pain. The only thing that's weird is when they insert the needle at the injection site, it makes this weird crunching/popping sound. If you're new to Botox, you may find it surprising that it's effects to the treatment area are not immediate. It takes a few days to really start showing up. Day 3 for me is when the freezing starts to happen.  Each day after that it gets better and better. At the 2-week mark is when the Botox is generally at its highest performance, your muscles are the most frozen and you get great results. After that, it very slowly starts to wear off. It lasts for about 3 months, but if you want to get it touched up they recommend touching up every 2-3 months Luckily, I could get mine touched up after the first time getting it, last year. After that, I let it wear off because it can be kind of pricey (I'll get to that part shortly). I just had it redone about a month or so ago and I fell in love with it all over again! 

I'm only 27, but as mentioned, I have had lines since high-school... They recommend starting to get Botox before you even develop lines to prevent the lines in the first place. If you aren't familiar with how Botox works, it's injected in to your forehead (or around your mouth or crow’s feet etc.) and it temporarily paralyzes the targeted muscles, which makes it so you can't make the expressions that cause those specific lines. If that sounds scary, don't worry because the good thing is it's not permanent... which is also the bed news if you like it.

For me, the fact that it isn't permanent is a major downside because I love it so much, but it's also pricey. At LaserAway, when I got it done last, it was about $15 per unit and they used 32 units in my forehead... you do the math. The good thing is if you keep up your Botox, you apparently start needing less and less because your forehead muscles start getting used to not moving. Another plus, it's supposed to help with headaches, even migraines, and I've also heard that you can get Botox in your armpits, which make it so you don't sweat. I haven't tried that, but it's something I'm interested in. 

All in all, I love Botox. I wish I could afford to get it all the time. There is no bruising and swelling, so there's minimal downtime. If you choose to get it done make sure to go to reputable health care provider (plastic surgeon, dermatologist, PA, RN, etc.) for the procedure. If you can swing the cost of it, I seriously recommend it to anyone and if you have a slight interest in it, try it out! Like I said, the worst or best thing about it is it's not permanent.

FYI - The cost of the procedure varies based on how many units of Botox you require. Mine cost $480 for 32 units.


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