My Experience With a Forehead Reduction to Reduce My High Forehead

Kentico Patient gender: Female Patient age: 28 Cost: $7,500

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Performed 2017

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Having a prominent forehead and a high hairline are features on my face I've always disliked. I felt like anytime I had a picture with a flash taken of me, the light reflected off my forehead and looked terrible. I really hated it. Having a big forehead also left me to be the butt of numerous jokes during elementary and high school. This really lowered my self-esteem and I wanted to have surgery to fix it for years but my parents would not let me. They thought I was crazy for wanting to change the size of my forehead. I think they believed I would grow out of wanting this surgery.

When I became a bit older and still complained to my parents about how much I wanted a forehead reduction, they began to listen to me. I think they thought it was depressing me so much that it was having a negative impact on my life and felt like they wanted to help. They told me that it would be ok for me to start looking into forehead reduction surgery if that was a procedure I felt I absolutely needed. I did and so I began doing my own research.

The first place I turned to for information was YouTube. While scanning through all sorts of videos, I kept landing on Dr. Jeffrey Epstein's videos. He seemed to have a large number of videos with patients before and after surgery. Video after video I watched and I was very impressed with his results. Many of the women he operated on appeared to be around my age and I liked how the incisions he placed were invisible. Not only was I impressed with him and his work, but I found out he had an office in Miami, which is where I live. It took me a few months to muster up the courage to make an appointment with him, but I finally went ahead and did it.

When I first met Dr. Epstein, I instantly knew why he was so popular. He seemed so genuine and truly cared about why I had made the decision to see him and what I expected after surgery. He had a great demeanor and was very straight forward with me. It was obvious he wasn't trying to sell me on the procedure and by how busy his waiting room was, I can why. The man had more than enough business. Side note: You should expect to wait if you go to see him.

Dr. E told me how my surgery would go and what I should expect. He showed me where my new hairline would be and thought that by lowering my forehead by 1.25" inches I would be able to get the desired result I was looking for. He also told me that my scalp laxity was great and made me a good candidate for this procedure.

My surgery cost around $7500 and was done under general anesthesia. I wanted to be dead asleep if I was going to be essentially scalped. On the bright side, the surgery wasn't painful. I felt a little tightness and soreness but that was all I felt. Don't be scared by the procedure. I promise you it's not as scary as it might look or sound.

I am still healing as I write this review and have experienced some bruising which faded pretty quickly to a yellowish color and I had swelling. The swelling mostly went away after the first two weeks. I would say that the bruising was well covered up with makeup and I wasn't concerned with my appearance when going out a few days after surgery.

My experience with Dr. E was amazing. He was so wonderful during my whole surgical procedure. I love my new hairline and think it was placed perfectly. It's so nice to look in the mirror each morning and not see that high forehead I had for the majority of my life. My facial features now stand out more and I no longer feel like people are only looking at the top of my face. I think if you're a good candidate for this procedure, you should go for it! It's one of those cosmetic procedures that offers instant results and if you pick the right doctor, I'm sure you'll be very happy.



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