My Experience With Invisalign Dental Aligners

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Performed 2016

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When I first tried Invisalign, it was about 4/5 years ago. I’m not sure if the trays just didn’t fit well enough but they were extremely uncomfortable. They were so uncomfortable, I hated wearing them. I had a horrible lisp and they hurt badly, so I eventually stopped wearing them, which was dumb…I know.

Late last year, my dentist asked me if I wanted to try it again. He told me he would only charge $2,100, which is a fraction of what Invisalign costs. We went through the process of getting the molds for the Invisalign aligners made again.

To create the aligners, they put some clay-feeling paste on these Invisalign trays and then put it into your mouth, make you bite down for a minute or two and then the mold is done. After that, they set the trays out to harden and then send it to Invisalign. The company then creates a certain number of clear plastic aligner trays based on how your teeth are, which work to gradually straighten them. It takes about a month for them to create all of the aligners, so keep that in mind if you decide to try this method out. When they finally arrive, you will be called into the dentist for “buttons”. Buttons are little anchors on your teeth which are made of some type of hard material. They put these on your teeth, so the trays will have something to hook on to. They’re like rubber bands with regular braces- they work to give you straight teeth. In actuality, the buttons are made of 'composite resin,' which is the same material used to fill a cavity after it's drilled. Not everyone needs these buttons, so you'll need to visit a orthodontist to see if you'll need them. Either way, the buttons certainly beat having the traditional metal braces, but it's a bit annoying when they're placed on your teeth. I hated the feeling of someone scraping and filing away at my teeth to put the buttons on. It takes about 1-2 hours, depending on how many buttons you need. After that, you can officially begin your treatment!

This time around, I ended up with 25 trays, which isn’t too bad. You’re supposed to wear the trays for 2 weeks at a time, so just divide the number of trays you have by two, and that’s how long your treatment time will last.

I immedinately noticed that my first tray went on very easily, which was a huge difference from the first time I tried Invisalign. I could already tell my treatment experience was going to go better this time! It only hurt a tiny bit after taking it off, which was a pleasant surprise. During the first few trays, you might feel the top of it rub against your gums, and I won’t lie, it hurts. I would gladly take that instead of the metal from regular braces cutting the inside of my mouth though. That sounds WAY more painful! But after that point, there is little to no pain.

I have a job where I have to talk to speak with people all day, and no one could tell that I was wearing Invisalign. I had a slight lisp for about a week but it’s pretty much gone now. Unfortunately, if you like to eat a lot (like I do), you might get a little annoyed with taking them out every single time. I eat and snack maybe every 2-3 hours, so having to clean them and brush my teeth every single time was a hassle.

The first time I tried Invisalign, I used to clean the trays with my toothbrush and toothpaste because I wasn’t really given any instructions on how they should be cleaned, and I noticed that after about a week they would become slightly cloudy. I wanted clear aligners which weren't noticeable, so I began using hot water and mouthwash to clean them. This worked much better and left the aligners without any cloudiness.

After the first 4 trays, I noticed that my teeth started to look straighter every day! I was on my way to having perfect teeth! All of my friends, family and co-workers began complimenting my perfect smile. It really made me feel great.

Overall, my Invisalign treatment was definitely worth it. I would highly recommend Invisialign as an orthodontic treatment if you have gapped or crooked teeth! Although Invisalign isn't cheap, it's worth the cost in my opinion. Having clear braces that no one notices sure beats wearing the traditional metal braces. There's no need to live with bad teeth if they bother you. Go for it!

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