My Experience With SmileDirectClub Has Been a Good One, but Not Perfect.

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Performed 2016

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My experience with Smile Direct Club has been a good one, but not perfect. The beginning process up until getting my first set of aligners was very smooth and only took a month. I do know that it could take longer if you have to mail impressions in vs. going to a smile shop and getting a 3D scan, which is what I did. I still have my wisdom teeth, so my aligners were longer than most. Because of this, I couldn’t use the case they provided since it didn’t fit. I had to buy a different case on Amazon. On your first shipment, they include 1 month worth of aligners, along with “chewies”, a filer, and a tool to help you take out your aligners. I didn’t use the filer because it was too weak. I ended up buying an electric filer and I recommend you buy one too. The filer is there for you to shave down parts of your aligners if you feel like they don’t fit comfortably. The “chewies” are little sponge-like things you chew on so your aligners can fit better.

Some cons would be that sometimes I got my monthly aligners late, meaning I had to use my then current aligners longer. There were times where the aligners would create sores in my mouth. The electric filer did help prevent me from getting sores. Customer service was ok. They were open late and on Saturdays as well. You can not eat with the aligners on and you need to wear them for at least 17 hours a day. Every night before I went to bed, I soaked them in denture solution to clean them. In the morning, I would rinse them out and put them in a solution of cold water and Listerine. It is important to floss frequently during this process. The ultimate pro to this is that they do give you the option to do refinements if you feel at the completion of your treatment you didn’t get the results they promised. This assured me that I was making the right choice.

I'm so happy with my results. I am the type of person who is always laughing and likes to make people laugh, so when I started to get a gap in my teeth, I was sort of saddened because I couldn’t be as free as I wanted to be. Smile Direct Club really helped me gain that confidence back and I'm appreciative of that. It’s even a greater feeling when people start noticing your smile starting to change! I would really recommend for anyone who has gapped or crooked teeth to do this. I live in New York, so I could go to the smile shop in the city. My doctor’s name was Dr. Dowling. At the time I did SmileDirect, the treatment cost was $1500 if you paid in full and $1735 if you paid in installments. I did monthly payments and it came out to $99/month, but I usually paid $200 so I could pay off my bill quicker. I am 23 years old. If you're considering SmileDirect, please be advised that the cost of it has increased to $1700 and $1935.

See the video I've attached for more information about my experience with SmileDirect.

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