My First Time With Lip Injections (Juvederm Ultra XC)

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Lip augmentation

Performed 2017

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My name is Meagan, I am 25 years old and live in Vancouver BC. I go to Dr. Jalali at The Vanity Lab in Vancouver BC for my lip injections. He is very good at making you feel comfortable. An average syringe of filler costs about $600. He uses Juvederm Ultra XC on me and this filler lasts anywhere from 6 – 9 months depending on the individual. Apparently, staying hydrated helps the filler last longer, so drink up!

When I first got my lips done, I had asymmetrical lips with a predominant bottom lip and thin upper lip. I really just wanted a fuller pout and I wasn’t scared of the big lip look. Not everyone is as comfortable with the fuller pout and my dr is also great at doing more barely there enhancements, but I went to him because I knew he had the eye for that fuller look.

They start out by cleaning the area (lips and surrounding skin) and numbing you. You should not really feel much throughout the procedure due to the numbing cream applied. At most, the only painful parts (which are still very tolerable) is the injection points at your cupids bow. Once they feel you are numb enough they will start the process.

When I first started getting my lips done, we did the traditional filler method of using a needle to inject directly into your lips. This is a standard method, however, filler can dissolve at an unequal rate a lot easier with this method, requiring more touch ups. Most recently, I had him dissolve some of my upper lip filler (which takes about 24 – 48 hours and is just injected straight into your lips where filler has been placed) and it basically breaks down the product. I did this to my upper lip because I felt that this method of lip injections wasn’t suiting my needs as I was requiring touch ups too often due to how the product breaks down in my body.

After the filler was dissolved, he used a canula to fill my upper lip. They use a canula (basically a needle size tube) to insert the filler and this is done by using a needle to create a hole next to your upper lip in the skin, and the canula is then inserted into the hole and pushed into your lips all the way to the upper centre of the cupids bow. Now as the canula is exiting, the dr slowly injects filler equally along the lip as it is being pulled out for a more even application of filler. This is going to achieve a less lumpy look and likely product will break down at a more equal pace.

The needle poke is really the most “painful” part and the rest is just a strange sensation because the canula itself doesn’t hurt, it just feels weird that you can feel it moving around in your lips. You may bruise no matter what method of lip injections you get and you will also swell. Both should be mild and overall unnoticeable under makeup. The swelling is also very dependent on you and your dr’s procedure style. You should have no downtime.

Getting my lips done has changed my confidence SO MUCH. I have no regrets about getting this procedure and would recommend it to anyone who has been sitting on the fence about getting their own lips done. The one thing I tell people about getting their lips done, you can only achieve your own lips but better. Have realistic expectations on your results otherwise you will not be happy. You cannot expect to walk out of the room feeling like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner. The goal should always be YOUR lips but better.

Dr. Jalali

Vancouver BC

The Vanity Lab - Vancouver BC