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Performed 2015

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My name is Brandon Liberati, I am 46 years old. I’m a celebrity hairstylist and television personality. I have appeared in many different publications as well as shows on many different networks. Much of my time and career is spent either in front of a mirror cutting hair, or in front of a camera both television and photographer which makes it hard to ignore any personal insecurities or physical abnormalities. I was made aware of my gynecomastia at a very early age when I was teased for having “boobs” from the other boys in my class. This started a lifelong struggle of trying to hide my body and becoming a master of avoiding any social situation that would expose this shameful physical attribute. I would avoid anything or place that would require me to take off my shirt, which meant failing gym class in school, no public pools or beaches, I would not even take my shirt off in my own home. The severity of my gynecomastia was not as extreme as some cases but in my mind, it was grossly blown out of proportion. I have since learned that my tactics of disguising my “manboobs” was very common amongst men that suffer from this condition. I avoided certain fabrics and colors that accentuated my chest. I would go as far as taping down my nipples to make my pecs look less pointy (guys with this condition will know exactly what I’m talking about!). I thought if I lost weight it would help, it didn’t. I would try to work out more to make it look more cut but that also didn’t work. If I had to have my shirt off for some horrible reason I would constantly try to keep my nipples hard because when they were soft it looked more like breasts… it was exhausting and so shameful. One day I was working out and I felt something in my chest, a lump, several lumps. I got very scared because breast cancer runs in my family and I had just had a male family member diagnosed with it and was going through terribly intense surgeries to remove and cosmetically repair his chest. It ended up that I did not have cancer thankfully, and it led me to the doctor that changed my life… literally. Dr Joseph Cruise and his staff of Cruise Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach CA. I researched the best doctors and patient reviews for male gynecomastia surgery and he had the type of before and after photos of clients that I felt were like me and my lifestyle and visibility. Dr Cruise has his own system for identifying the severity of your condition and he has developed his own procedure for removal which removes 99% of the glandular tissue ensuring that it never comes back. I am very vocal and publicly open about my struggle with this condition. Many men reach out to me with questions because of this I have since seen hundreds of horribly executed gynecomastia surgeries that other people have had done and some doctors do not remove all the tissue so several of these men have had to have the procedure done multiple times. This is not the case with Dr Cruise. I made an appointment for a consultation which was just a $50-dollar fee which was very influential on making sure I showed up for the appointment and didn’t cancel or no show out of embarrassment. The staff was so friendly and the fact that there were several men in the waiting area made me instantly more comfortable. I had a consultation and Dr Cruise was very calm and caring so I could express all my concerns (which had more to do with my fear of how painful the surgery and the recovery would be). Dr Cruise uses a system to identify the severity of your gyno. I was a type 3 which is somewhere in the middle of severity. My procedure was a superior crescent with gland removal to address my nipple position and skin laxity. My biggest issue was that I let this go for so long praying it would go away (fyi- this only goes away by being surgically removed) and my skin elasticity was compromised requiring him to remove some of the excess skin. I was initially terrified that I would be scarred for life which was NOT the case. I just made sure to follow all his instructions for healing and things went exactly as he said they would. I was back in the gym working out after 12 weeks and finally able to wear anything I wanted. The Procedure cost me because of my type of gyno $7500 with $150 for the post op bag which included the garments (a compression vest that you wear for 10-12 weeks under your clothes) no one even knew I was wearing it. The bag also came with scar cream and other essentials to help with my healing. The only thing I regret about this surgery is that I didn’t have it done years ago. There is nothing dramatic to report about having this done and I do attribute that to my doctor and following ALL his instructions.

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Joseph Cruise

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Joseph Cruise - Newport Beach (California)

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