My Invisalign Experience: Cost - $2,000 with Before and After Pictures!

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Invisalign - After - My Invisalign Experience: Cost - $2,000 with Before and After Pictures! - review image.

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Performed 2017

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When I was younger I had traditional metal braces, so my teeth have always been relatively straight. Through the years, a few of my beautiful straight teeth started to become crooked teeth - most noticeable a couple of my lower teeth.   I have a friend who just recently did Invisalign and he had great results so I figured I would start doing some research on how I could once again have straight teeth.

I am in media sales so I am always dealing with a lot of people and attending events. For this reason I quickly ruled out getting metal braces and decided I definitely needed clear plastic.

The first dentist that I went to gave me a price of around $6,000. I wasn’t looking for a groupon price, but this seemed really high to me for just a bunch of plastic trays. I know my friend only had to use one tray but his only cost $350, so I decided to look for a better price for my Invisalign treatment.

The second dentist I went to did x-rays on my teeth and gave me an Invisalign cost of $2,000. I was quite surprised at the discounted price, but it seemed like the right fit for me. Although he was a dentist and not an orthodontist, he did clearly lay out the benefits of Invisalign vs. braces. He then told me that in about a week we would know how many aligner trays were needed for my “crowded teeth.” 

A week later I anxiously returned to the dentist ready to begin my Invisalign journey. He explained how my entire treatment would consist of 17 trays for my upper and lower teeth (17 each). The wear-time for each new set would be one week, so the full experience would be around 4 months. That day they only gave me 10 of the trays and I would get the 7 new trays after ten weeks to make sure I was on the right path.

My dentist then showed me how to properly put the Invisalign aligners on my teeth. When he put my first set on I am not embarrassed to say I was in a lot of pain. They felt very snug on my teeth, but he told me that it was completely normal and after a few days of wear I would get used to them. He instructed me to wear them all day, everyday except when I would eat. Of course being a dentist he told me to also brush my teeth after every meal before putting the Invisalign trays back on.

After my first 2 weeks I already noticed tooth movement. It was spectacular; I was finally on the right journey to perfect teeth. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror to see the progress that was happening right in front of my eyes.

I always seemed to have the same experience each week I would put a new set on my teeth. It would be sore for a day or so and then my teeth would start adjusting. The biggest side effect was definitely when I would eat, my teeth seemed to be very sensitive. If I ate a hard piece of bread, it would be very difficult to chew so I found myself trying to eat softer things (my decrease in bread intake made me lose weight – so it was a 2 for 1 J). 

Everything was going smoothly and after 10 weeks (this was last week) I went back to the dentist for my check up. He had the remaining 7 trays for me and told me everything seemed to be going great. I asked him about a few canker sores that I was getting and he told me it was completely normal. He sent me on my way and I scheduled an appointment in 2 months so we could see the final results.

I do have 6 weeks left but overall my Invisalign experience has been everything that I wanted. My teeth have gotten straighter and I did not have to suffer through an orthodontic treatment with regular braces. I was able to continue work as usual without anyone noticing because they are clear aligners. I would 100% recommend this procedure to anyone looking to straighten their teeth! I am proud to be an Invisalign patient!

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Your teeth look great. Would you share the name and location of the dentist that charged you $2K?


Hey Cindy,

Thanks for the compliment! I went to the Tribeca Dental Center in New York City.  I recommend getting the procedure, I am extremely happy with the outcome.