My Large Areolas Made Me Feel Like Balogna Barb

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Immediately After Areola Reduction Surgery - My Large Areolas Made Me Feel Like Balogna Barb  - review image.
Before Areola Reduction Surgery - My Large Areolas Made Me Feel Like Balogna Barb  - review image.

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Areola reduction


Performed 2015

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I was very unhappy with the size of my areolas. My large areolas made me feel like Balogna Barb in Pitch Perfect and I thought everyone was staring at them. To add to that, my right areola was larger than my left and my two areolas were not on an even horizontal plane

I did some online research and learned that areola reduction surgery was a relatively minor procedure and decided to visit a plastic surgeon near where I live. He explained the costs and recovery of the surgery to me and told me the procedure could be done under local anesthesia. It seemed like a simple procedure and so I booked it on the spot.

My areola reduction surgery took about an hour and was done inside my plastic surgeon's office with a local anesthetic. The procedure started off with my surgeon marking the edges of my current areolas and then the edges of my new areolas. It looked like two rings, one inside of the other.

I was very numb during my surgical procedure and there was no pain while my surgeon made the incisions where he had put the markings on my areola. The whole surgery took about an hour and then I was allowed to go home.

My recovery was easy. I had a bit of swelling and there was bruising that went away over the course of two weeks. I am still healing as I write this review but I am already happy with my results. I can see my new smaller areolas and I'm just waiting for my incisions to fade. I have posted a picture of my areolas before and immediately after surgery. I will post additional photos six months from now when my incisions have fully healed.

I would recommend this surgery to anyone that is unhappy with their areolas. The surgery was simple and made an instant difference in the way I felt about myself. My self-esteem was boosted because of this procedure.

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