My Laser Assisted Septoplasty Was a Success (Photos Inside)

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Performed 2018

Procedure review

Many people think that the only reason you would get nose surgery is to alter the aesthetic appearance of your nose. This is because people often confuse a rhinoplasty, or surgery to fix the cosmetic appearance of your nose, with a septoplasty, which is used to correct underlying functional issues. I had breathing issues caused by a deviated septum. When your septum is deviated, the cartilage inside your nose is bent to one side and this impedes airflow. This was the problem I had with my nose.

My Septoplasty Consultation

Several months ago, my parents and I visited a clinic to consult with a plastic surgeon and have him look at my nose. The biggest concerns I had going into the consultation, were how long the healing process would be post-operatively. The surgeon told me he was using a newer technique called a laser assisted septoplasty. He said this technique resulted in less downtime than the traditional surgical procedures used to correct a deviated septum.

How much did my septoplasty cost?

My septoplasty surgery was covered by insurance and I did not have to pay anything other than a small co-pay.

What was the recovery from my septoplasty like?

My breathing improved immediately after my septoplasty. I did have a very small amount of swelling and even less bruising afterwards. It took about 2 weeks for my nose to be completely healed, but I had no problems during my recovery. However, I did have to be careful about preventing hard impacts to my nose and for this reason I needed to avoid some activities.

Final Opinion on My Septoplasty

I am happy I had a septoplasty because I can breathe so much better now. The surgery was well worth the two weeks of recovery!

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