My Laser Hair Removal Experience in Words, Pictures and a Video!

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment 1 - My Laser Hair Removal Experience in Words, Pictures and a Video!  - review image.
Laser Hair Removal Treatment 2 - My Laser Hair Removal Experience in Words, Pictures and a Video!  - review image.
After Laser Hair Removal - My Laser Hair Removal Experience in Words, Pictures and a Video!  - review image.

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So Laser hair removal was always one of those things I really wanted and needed to do, however I was terrified of it!
I plucked up the courage to one day call my closest laser hair removal clinic and make an appointment. I was scared, nervous, yet excited to get rid of these nuisance hairs.

As you may all know I'm Australian, although with an Armenian background. So naturally, I grew up with darker hair and more of it..unfortunately. After years of waxing and using the epilate machine, I decided it was time! My hair grows quite quickly, so the thought of having to go through pain on and on again did not entice me at all.

On January 29, 2 years ago, I began laser hair removal on my full legs with Laser Clinics Australia.
I had only abut 10 hair removal appointments with them, although cannot believe the huge difference it had already had on my life..(and legs).

Firstly, when I went into the clinic I was greeted by all staff members, then introduced to their treatments, the process and how it will all work. The staff was very friendly, helpful and understanding of my situation.

I began the whole process by ensuring my legs were shaved, free from fake tan or any sun damage. Due to the hair being removed by laser, it's important these things are avoided to help not cause burns or any pigments being left behind. I had also exfoliated my skin to help ensure it was free from any other lotions or products.

The process and pain level was MUCH MUCH less than I had ever imagined it to be. In fact the lovely staff members were actually quite shocked and surprised to hear that I thought it would cause pain in the first place! The machine tends to give off what feels like a cold pump of air. I think it does this to ensure you feel nothing at all. It was so painless for me, that I had to ask her if she had even began the process yet. She replied "yes of course!".

The process took quite a short time and was over in what seemed to be 10-20 minutes. Honestly my legs have been quite hairless and smooth for the past several months and have had very little regrowth, if any.

Now as everyone is different regarding their hair growth, laser hair removal would also differ in the amount of segments you may need. People tend to go 8-12 times to ensure the hair is completely gone.

I would definitely say laser hair removal is a must and give the whole process 5 stars for their hospitality towards me, their procedure, help and service!