My Lip Augmentation Review Plus Photos!

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My Lip Augmentation Review Plus Photos! - review image.
My Lip Augmentation Review Plus Photos! - review image.
My Lip Augmentation Review Plus Photos! - review image.

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Lip augmentation


Performed 2017

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My name is Arin, I’m 23 years old and I live in Sacramento, California. I have a YouTube channel, so when I edit my videos, I spend a lot of time staring at my own face. This also means I have a lot time to pick out my flaws. I began to think my lips looked small and masculine, which made me feel insecure. I started to consider getting lip augmentation to give me fuller lips. I have seen so many people with successful lip enhancement results and I felt it was time to try it for myself.

I started doing research online, however it was hard to find doctors who displayed before and after photos of lip injections. This was crucial for me because I wanted to see the doctors work before I went to them. While browsing through Yelp, I came across Dr. Selene located in Rocklin, California. Her page had all positive reviews and she had an Instagram linked to the Yelp page. I immediately went to her Instagram page and fell in love. She had many photos of before and after pictures, and you could see she had a passion for her work. I messaged her right away.

As soon as I booked my consultation I became nervous. I was worried that my results wouldn't be what I wanted, or that I would have a bad reaction. My worries diminished immediately after I met Dr. Selene. She greeted me with a warm smile and asked about my goals for the procedure, and really listened to what I wanted. We concluded that 1 mL of Juevderm Ultra Plus would help me achieve the results I wanted. Dr. Selene also gives her clients the option of getting a half syringe at a cheaper price for those that are more conservative, which is not common.

She gave the opportunity of having the procedure the same day as the consult, so I could get the procedure done right away! I was numbed with a topical numbing cream about 30 minutes prior to the procedure. I felt minimal pain during the procedure due to the numbing cream, this is something not all doctors offer, and is greatly appreciated! Dr. Selene talked through exactly what she was doing while preforming the procedure. She informed me that she keeps track of the number of products placed in each side of the lip, so mathematically they are symmetrical, however some people’s anatomy is not exactly symmetrical, which can lead to lips looking “lopsided”. Thankfully for me, my anatomy is relatively symmetrical, so my lips look symmetrical. When she finished up, I immediately looked in the mirror and thought to myself “What have I done?!” My lips looked large, glossy and swollen! Dr. Selene informed me that this is completely normal, and the swelling should subside within two weeks. This is true, however I think it took a full month before my lips looked like they do today, so I wouldn’t recommend getting them done if you have anything important coming soon! Even with my swollen lips, I was immediately obsessed with them! There was an instant boost in my self-esteem! I have also strongly been considering rhinoplasty; however, the confidence boost I received with lip augmentation, I felt that I no longer needed to consider future procedures! I fell in love with my lips, and would stare at them any chance I got! In the car mirror, passing by store windows, you name it, if it had a reflection, I was looking at myself! The procedure cost $500, however the experience was priceless! I would recommend lip augmentation if you are considering it, however do extensive research on multiple doctors before you do it!

Dr. Selene

Rocklin, California

Dr. Selene Medical Spa - Rocklin, California

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