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Performed 2017

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I have always been interested in getting a procedure done to fix my eyebrows. Recently on my Instagram feed I started seeing advertisements from a med spa and a procedure known as microblading. This seemed like the best procedure for me to get perfect brows. When you get your brows microbladed they make tiny cuts in your eyebrow area and smear ink into these cuts that match your hair color. This gives the illusion that you have perfect natural brows.

After watching a ton of youtube videos on people's experiences with microblading, I decided that I wanted to get the procedure done. I decided to go in for a consultation to make sure that I was a good candidate for the procedure. I had a great conversation with the technician, and he explained the process and that it would take a couple hours but I would be extremely happy. He did tell me not to panic if they come out darker than you imagined because during the healing period the pigment will lighten like 30%.

The day I went for the procedure they applied numbing cream to my eyebrows to make sure that I didn't feel anything. I think I should note that I did watch a bunch of videos where people went to poorly run med spas who did not clean their handheld tools and devices well and got infections. So make sure that you trust your technician and the establishment that you are getting it done at.

After watching like 20 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect the microblading process begun. Like I said they make small cuts to mimic your hair strokes, that almost feel like a finger nail is scraping your eyebrow area. During the procedure I felt zero pain. I guess there were small amounts of blood but I didn't feel anything. After a little over 2 hours I was on my way.

The rest of the day and the next day my brow area was a little irritated; kind of like getting a sunburn. However, I wasn't in agonizing pain or anything. It was just more of an inconvenience. They give you some ointments to apply to your brows to help the healing process. You will notice scabs starting to form, it is important to just leave them and let them fall off naturally.

The first few days after I got my brows microbladed I was starting to regret my decision. They were extremely dark, and since I have blonde hair it looked a really strange. I kind of looked like a crazy person. I started to wonder if this was a huge mistake and I started to get scared that I was going to permanently be like this. It is scarier when you have darker brows versus ones that you touch up yourself because there is no going backwards. At least when they aren't full you can apply makeup and make it exactly how you want.

Each day that went by my anxiety lessened because as my scabs healed and the healing process progressed my eyebrows were not as dark. The permanent makeup started to "fade" and look a lot more natural. The technician told me that since I have oily skin the pigment might actually fade even more than I like. After a couple weeks I noticed what he was talking about because it kind of looked like I had applied some shadowing to my brow area. I actually didn't mind this look though and was still going in to get a touch up in the coming weeks.

When I went for my follow up appointment, the technician made sure to even out the coloring of the two eyebrows. One side seemed to fade a little more than the other so he did some more work on one side versus the other. After healing from my touch up my eyebrows look marvelous. Now when I wear makeup, I don't really even touch the brow area because my brow shape is sharp and beautiful. They will fade overtime since it is technically semi-permanent, but I will be going back every year or so to get it touched up so they stay in good order.

My entire microblading experience was positive. Like I said earlier, I did have a couple days of regret but now looking at before and after photos of my eyebrows I know that I made the right decision.