My Microblading Experience Was Painful But it Worked

mar1na Patient gender: Female Patient age: 20 Cost: $250

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After I Had My Eyebrows Microbladed - My Microblading Experience Was Painful But it Worked  - review image.

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Performed 2018

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Ever since I was 15 years old, I started filling in my eyebrows. I didn’t like how they looked and so I always wanted them thicker, shaped differently and darker. After picking up eyebrow pencil after pencil, and spending 30-50$ on each new pencil, I decided it was time for a change. Luckily, I had started hearing about microblading just at the end of last year and was fascinated by it. I had watched many videos of my favorite YouTubers, Instagram stars, bloggers and even locals who had done it. Watching all of these videos quite honestly looked very painful. So I waited a few more months and finally gathered up the courage to try it out because then filling in my brows would be an automatic thing that I wouldn’t have to worry about any longer.

I am now 18 years old and while still going through puberty, I thought why not make at least one thing easier for me in the morning. It’ll make me spend less time on my makeup and will ensure that my eyebrows won’t fall off while rubbing off the makeup remover from the pencil’s I used to use.

I finally got a consultation from this esthetician named Valerie Bastien in La Prairie, Quebec, who had actually done my eyelash extensions before. Doing such a procedure made me feel more comfortable with someone who I was already familiar with. I started doing my eyelashes back in 2016 and stopped one year later due to how uncomfortable they felt on me. The eyelash extensions made me feel so good and added a huge change to my face but the procedure itself was never comfortable for me. I hated lying down for 2-3 hours at a time with my eyes taped shut while someone was putting fake clue with tweezers on the top of my eyelid. Not to mention paying 250$ for a set and 60-80$ every 4 weeks when I needed a re-fill. It was not the ideal situation for a college student. But yes, don’t get me wrong, it’s the perfect time to nap…but when you wake up and she still tells you that she’s not finished it was a very annoying feeling that I couldn’t just open my eyes. It has nothing to do with Valerie’s performance as she is one of the best esthetician’s I know but, maybe eyelash extensions just weren’t for me.

Back to microblading, after my consultation I just wanted to get the whole thing over with already. So I finally scheduled my two-hour appointment that included, drawing on my face, taking measurements, erasing, and perfecting the way I wanted my brows to look. The first hour and a half consisted of the measurements and the last half an hour was how long it took her to actually do the procedure. When she started measuring my eyebrows and shaping them to the picture I had showed her, I was really nervous. Shortly after she showed me what they would look like and I was not happy at all. What she had drawn on me did not fit well with the shape of my face at all. They were way too long and thick, so she erased and re-drew. Finally, after an hour we finally got to a shape that looked decent on my face and she right then she started the real process.

For the first few strokes Valerie had told me that she wasn’t allowed to numb my eyebrows and that she could only do it for the second session. So I went along with it but the minute the blade hit my forehead, the pain was indescribable. Clenching my teeth and fists together, it was very painful. Mind you, many other estheticians said that she was supposed to numb me right away. So I asked her to numb me right after, as she was able to see the pain in my eyes. But…the numbing cream never worked. I always felt each stroke and I’ve never felt a pain like that in my life. As the actual process is quite fast (done in 30 minutes), it feels very long. So after she does the first session, she went in a second time and actually numbed me the second time around. I’m pretty sure she did 3 sets of 10 minutes each, and within each 10 minute period she did around 10-15 strokes on each eyebrow.

As she was finally done with everything, she told me to apply coconut oil to my eyebrows and to not let them dry out if possible. So she applied the coconut oil to my eyebrows as I left and it felt very soothing. As soon as I got in my car, I freaked out because they were very dark at first. But seeing as I have seen the 7-10 day process from other videos, I knew that they would fade in a week or so. After paying 250$ for this process, I was left speechless because of the pain but also because I really did love my eyebrows. They make me feel so much more secure and even though I wouldn’t do it again because it was so painful, I wish that I could because I really do love the outcome.

As mentioned, the recovery does take up to 10 days to see exactly what your eyebrows will look like. During those 10 days it was difficult to shower as you are not able to wet your eyebrows but the coconut oil was very soothing. They also itched more towards the 6th-7th day but you are not supposed to itch them due to scabbing off on their own.

Finally, my whole family and friends saw a difference in me. Naturally, my eyebrows were not very thin to begin with but they were very spread out. The end of my eyebrow was not very defined and so that’s what I was most excited about fixing. My family really loves how it looks on me now, as do I, but if I could recommend one thing, it would definitely be numbing cream.

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