My Microblading Experience Was Very Positive. Pictures and Videos to Prove it!

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Performed 2017

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Microblading has had to be the best thing that I've done for myself to date. As a girl who has always had weak natural eyebrows, the so called "struggle eyebrows," this experience has changed my life. I want to say out of my entire adult life I've never had perfect brows and that was one of the things that has always made me insecure and very self-conscious. Building up the courage to finally spend the money (this procedure can be costly) to get the procedure has given me the confidence I've been lacking. At first I was a little apprehensive about getting this procedure, because it's your face. If one wrong mistake was made during the process I would have been screwed! I feel more beautiful than ever, I'm more confident, I can do my makeup with ease! This procedure has enhanced my life! My experience is a little different from most, because I didn't get the procedure just to fill in my brows. I mainly got it done to shape my brows. My eyebrows used to grow down in a weird shape, no type of arch they were terrible, out of my entire life I've only had two good experiences with waxing only two! For a person that's into beauty and makeup that was rough, so when I first heard about microblading I quickly took an interest in it. I had my reservations, but overall what did I have to lose, really what did I have to lose. Nobody could have made my brows worse than what they were to begin with.

It's been 6 months since I've gotten my procedure and I still am extremely pleased. I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt in my entire life. When I go to get my brows waxed, I'm confident in whoever waxes my brow because I know that there is no possible way that they can mess me up. What some don't know is that you will have to continue to get your brows maintained. Your hair will still grow, especially if you're like me and had to get a completely different shape. I get my brows waxed once every five weeks. I love my new brow shape. I get so many compliments!

The first time I heard about microblading was through social media on Instagram. Once I heard about it, I immediately started researching people in my area that specialized in this procedure. I found my microblading technician through social media too. Finding her though social media enabled me to be able to look at the pictures of previous patients, and make a more informed decision. I could visualize how my brows would look based off other patients results.

Upon arrival to my appointment, I showed her a picture of the brows I wanted her to create. She looked at them and said that she could do something similar. She mentioned that she doesn't recommend doing the exact shape because everyone has different facial structures. She then proceeded to analyze my face, taking in my natural face shape and the current shape of my brows. Once she analyzed my face shape she pulled out a contraption that helped her to draw my new brow shape. Once the shape was drawn, she gave me a mirror to look at the shape, and asked me was this shape ok. The shape was almost perfect, except the left side was a little thicker than the right side. I brought the difference in size to her attention and she immediately fixed it. Once she fixed the shape, she numbed me and proceeded to outline my brow. When she was done outlining the shape, she started drawing in the hairline marks. The entire process of my blading procedure, from start to finish, took under an hour. The level of pain from 1-10 was about a 3. Very little pain, and an extremely fast procedure. I was so pleased with my results I recommended my aunt and a couple of friends to her. I would do this again! This experience has changed my life I'm so confident and self-assured now.

I've included two videos of my experience having microblading below!

Amazing transformation! My Microblading experience!



4 months post microblading experience.