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My Brows After Microblading - My Microblading Review With Before and After Pictures  - review image.
My Brows Before Microblading - My Microblading Review With Before and After Pictures  - review image.

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Performed 2017

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I had an amazing experience with Piret, the technician who microbladed my eyebrows. She is called the “eyebrow doctor” for a reason. I have always had very dark eyebrows and they always had the arch that I wanted, but they never grew back full and bushy like I once had them. After years of over-plucking, waxing, and threading my natural brows, I am finally happy with the way my new brows look without makeup. I am a minimalist when it comes to my day-to-day routine (okay, maybe I'm just lazy) and the microblading has saved me so much trouble and so much time! I barely even get my eyebrows threaded anymore because I can just tweeze any strays.

The first time I went in to Piret's super cute office (located downtown Manhattan by SoHo), I was super nervous as a makeup artist/ beauty blogger because my face is on camera sans makeup almost every single week. My friend who is also a beauty blogger, had the procedure a month prior to me, which really made me go ahead and bite the bullet. Piret was super patient with me and understood how picky I was about my brow shape. I was terrified of having them too dark because of my jet-black hair and fair skin but she went over the shades she carried for the tint of the “tattoo” and she made me feel a lot more at ease when she broke down all the undertones and why I should go with a cooler tone for my face. She first had me fill out some paper work and it explained the aftercare, what I was responsible for as soon as I stepped out of her office, and what the procedure was exactly going to entail.

She went ahead and stenciled out my eyebrows with a pencil and had me examine them in the mirror before going ahead and microblading my eyebrows. Since microblading is semi-permanent tattooing, she wanted to ensure I was happy with the placement of the ink. I changed a couple of things (like making them a bit thinner and longer) and she measured them a couple of times with an app that she had in her phone to ensure that my eyebrows were going to be as symmetrical as possible. We want twins here, not just sisters!! I laid down while listening to her awesome soothing but up-to-date music playlist and after about twenty minutes of having the numbing cream on - she went to town on my brows with a handheld tool, which is pretty much a tattoo gun. The procedure itself took about fifteen minutes and the first few strokes were a bit painful, I would say a 4 out of 10 - it was minimal and something I could handle. Piret and I shared some laughs and I would gladly take that pain over a Brazilian wax any day. After she was done stroking my brows with the pigment, I got up and she let me examine them again. At first, they seemed dark, because they had fresh pigment on them, but I was in LOVE. My face looked so much younger with my fuller , new brows and I knew this was going to be a procedure that I would be hooked on! She tweaked a couple of things because she is a perfectionist, which I also highly appreciate and I was out the door with a full new set of brows. After a week with absolutely no water touching my eyebrows they were healed! Showering was a bit difficult but totally not impossible. I'd recommend getting some Bioderma - it’s a Micellar water that cleanses your face without needing actual H2O.

I am so in love with my eyebrows and feel so much more at ease when I wear makeup because I no longer take 20 minutes just filling my brows in. After about two months I went in for my touch-up appointment because my brows were fading a bit (totally normal after the first procedure) and we repeated the process, but this time she did fewer hair strokes. The procedure itself is so quick, but you do have to wait for the numbing cream to settle in - that is, if you want numbing cream, which I highly suggest because again you do feel a bit of discomfort while the blades are scratching your eyebrows with pigment. I highly suggest microblading your eyebrows if you want perfect eyebrows, if you have no eyebrows, if you have full eyebrows but they are uneven, or if you just don't like the process of filling them in every single day. Blading my eyebrows has changed my life. I know this sounds dramatic, but eyebrows really frame the face and I’m just so much happier and more confident when I step out with no makeup on with perfectly symmetrical and full brows. My microblading experience could not have been beeter. The entire process was smooth and well worth the cost.

Piret Aava

New York, NY

Eyebrow Doctor - New York, NY

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