My Microneedling With PRP Experience Was Positive But Not Perfect

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Performed 2018

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I got microneedling with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)! What an experience it was.

I wanted both microneedling and PRP because I had acne scarring and uneven skin tone that I wanted to fix. I heard about this treatment when I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian on Instagram covered in blood. I Googled the procedure and found out it was called the vampire facial. It sounded pretty gross. Haha. I was intrigued though and researched the procedure a bit more online. Turns out many people had success with the combination of these two procedure worked really good for acne scarring. I called up my dermatologist, who is part of a big medical group that does a lot of aesthetic treatments and made an appointment to have my treatment.

Treatment Day

Lynette at Specialist Skin Dermatology in Tuscon was who performed my treatment. I liked her a lot and she was very good at explaining how the whole procedure would benefit my skin. Lynette said that the dermapen caused tiny holes in my skin that started a collagen induction therapy cascade and the PRP added growth factors which would generate new collagen. Whatever that meant I thought to myself. Science...As long as my skin texture improved, I was all aboard.

Step 1 of my treatment was having my blood drawn. Your blood is what the PRP treatment is made of. They put your blood in a test tube and then send it off to be spun in a centrifuge for around 20 minutes. This separates your blood cells from the plasma, which looked gold in color.

While my blood was being spun, Lynette wrapped a warm towel over my face like they would do at a spa. I have to say, it felt really good. Lynette said the warmth of the towel opens up your pores and cleans the congestion out in preparation for the microneedling device. Then she applied a numbing cream to my face and was numb inside of 10 minutes.

Once I was nice and numb, Lynette used a microneedling device known as a Dermapen. It looked smaller than I thought it would be and had 12 tiny microneedles that oscillated in and out of it. Lynette held the Dermapen in her hand like it was a tattoo device and pressed it down over my face. Even though I was numb I could still feel it. It curt over certain parts of my face. The pain was not bad enough to make me jump out of my chair, but I felt it.

Then came the PRP step. I could not believe how many vials of PRP they were able to get from the blood they from me. Pretty incredible actually.

Lynette injected some of he PRP and put the rest over my face. I experienced no pain during this step, but it was weird knowing my own plasma was being rubbed on my face. It had an odor too. I would describe it as a popcorn with butter smell.

Following the PRP step, I was cleaned up and told to only wash and moisturize with sunscreen. I had to be careful to use any harsh abrasive cleaners for the next few days. Your skin is irritated form the treatment and you don't want to aggravate it anymore.

Healing From Microneedling and PRP

I was red for a few hours following my treatment and had a tiny amount of swelling, but by the following day my skin looked great. I experienced no bruising after the procedure either. All-in-all I had a very smooth recovery.

Over the the next week I could tell my acne scars were fading. They continue to improve for two weeks and then I went backwards a bit and some reformed, but my skin looks better than it used to.

My treatment cost $800 and it's supposed to last 9 months to 2 years. I guess we'll see what happens. I may need need some additional treatments, or even try a more abrasive procedure like laser treatments if I don't see the results I want. Time will tell.



Lynette at Specialist Skin Dermatology - Tuscon
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