My Mommy Makeover Brought Sexy Back For Me

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Performed 2014

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The saying 'kids will do it to you' held true for what they did to my body. Prior to giving birth to two children, I had always been a very fit person. I exercised religiously every morning and rarely missed a day at the gym. I had a very flat stomach for my entire young adulthood but the same could have also been said about my breasts. I was a full B or small C cup size depending on which bra manufacturer I went with. After having 2 children through vaginal births, I didn't feel sexy anymore. I had skin laxity in my abdomen and after breast feeding, my breasts looked deflated. I didn't feel good about myself when I looked in the mirror and my self-confidence was at an all-time low. I thought that perhaps I was just being selfish and that I shouldn't be as concerned with my looks as a mother and a wife of a great husband. But it was hard for me to not want to try and get my old body back if it was still possible.

My sister, who is a few years older than me and had a virtually identical body type, had a mommy makeover 18 months before I ultimately decided to have one. Her body looked amazing and I was very envious of it. She lives near me, so I decided to schedule a consultation with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Breslow.

I met with Dr. Breslow and he was great. He told me that a breast augmentation with implants and a breast lift would give me the results I desired. He even showed me what I would look like with a 3D virtual reality imaging machine. This was very cool, as I was able to see what I would like it.

My mommy makeover surgery took around 5 hours and I was put to sleep for the entire procedure. I woke up in a recovery room and was allowed to go home later that day.

My recovery was certainly not a piece of cake. Dr. Breslow told me that it would feel like I did '1,000 sit ups' post-op and it did. I was bruised, had swelling and it was not easy to move around much for about a week. My abdominal muscles were very tight and I walked around bent over for a while. Having drains in my stomach was a real pain in my neck too. I would say it took about a good 3 weeks before I felt pretty normal. My breasts also sat pretty high for a while but with time, they dropped down.

All in all, I am very happy with my final results. I'm glad I made the decision to have a mommy makeover and do not regret it at all. The excess skin I disliked on my abdomen is gone and my breasts are nicer than they ever were. My self-esteem is at an all-time high and I feel so sexy now. I never thought my body could look this good post-pregnancy and I'm very happy with Dr. Breslow and his medical staff. I celebrated my new body by going on a shopping spree.

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