My Nose Job Changed My Whole Face! Lots of Pictures and a Video of My experience.

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Nose job

Performed 2016

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Hello, World! My Name is Tran, I'm an 18 years old YouTuber that lives in Montreal, Canada. A little over a year ago, I did something out of my comfort zone. I got a Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job.

Truth is, I've always had a tiny insecurity about my nose. I found it either too flat or too round, I didn't like it for a couple years. I tried everything to make it look taller and slimmer such as contouring my nose, pinching it (I don't know why I ever thought that would work), etc. Never would I ever though of getting a rhinoplasty because it costs a lot of money and I didn't know how my parents would react to it. Someday in September 2015, my parents and I had a conversation over supper and they asked me if I wanted to get a nose job. I was taken by surprise because they never really asked me anything about my nose in the past and I figured that plastic surgery wasn't important to them, I was wrong. I think that they kinda knew that I didn't like my nose.

After having that conversation with my parents, we began researching rhinoplasty surgeons around the area and asking family friends if they could recommend a plastic surgeon. We went through a couple of offices but never succeeded in finding that perfect doctor. One day my mom was talking to my aunt who lives in Vietnam and she told her that her husband knew a great doctor in Ho Chi Minh City that had done amazing nose jobs. I found his Facebook and Google pages and let me tell you that his work is amazing. Next thing you know, my dad booked us tickets to go to Vietnam for January 2016. We didn't only go for the surgery itself but also because my mom hasn't seen her parents in almost 10 years, so we figured why not. As January strolled by, I was getting more anxious day by day. I never personally met the doctor before my surgery day.

After a couple days in Vietnam, it was time for us to go to Ho Chi Minh City. I wasn't allowed to eat much the day before. The day came and I met face to face with the doctor. His name is Vo Van Ke and works at Van Hanh Hospital. You can find him on Facebook. He showed us some of his work and we talked for a while. I personally wanted a bridge augmentation and a longer tip. The consultation itself took about 15 mins. I know that's crazy. I was super skeptical about it because he didn't take any pictures of me or show me how it would look after the surgery. I was also scared because honestly, I didn't think I would do it the same day. The following hour, I went to get a blood test, scans and what not, to see how strong of an anesthesia I would need. I got the results in one hour, which was super fast considering that most people had to wait weeks for their results. I was set and ready but nervous for it to happen. My surgery cost about $3000 USD minus the flights, he gave me a 10% off because my uncle recommended him. I mean it's a bit cheaper than here (Montreal, Canada) but the experience itself was something else. I don't remember when but I passed out and woke up 4 hours later, my mom told me the surgery lasted 2 hours. I was surprised by that fact that I didn't get much bruising, considering most people have it bad, mine only showed a light tint of yellow under my eyes. I also didn't have much pain. My nose definitely felt like it was swelling though. I returned a week later to remove my cast and then 3 days after for the stitches. I looked like a penguin at first because of how swollen it was, but I was told that it was going to heal after a year.

I was and still am extremely happy with my decision of getting it done because my new nose not only looks slimmer and more beautiful but it kind of changed the whole structure of my face for the better. People have told me that now my face looks slimmer and that I look mixed. Today marks 1 year and 3 months since I have done my surgery. I highly recommend this doctor, he did an amazing job even though he lives on the other side of the planet but hey why not make it an adventure right? The staff was very friendly and professional. I feel 110% more confident in my own skin now and honestly, I didn't feel a thing so you shouldn't be worried.

For information about my experience, see the video below. 

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Wow, you look absolutely amazing! Your nose really fits your face now.