My Odor and Excessive Sweating Have Greatly Diminshed After Miradry!

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Underarms After Miradry Picture 1 - My Odor and Excessive Sweating Have Greatly Diminshed After Miradry!  - review image.

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Performed 2017

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I've battled hyperhidrosis for a very long time. My biggest concern was not necessarily the amount of underarm sweat that my body produced, it was the odor that came along with that sweat. It was like my sweat glands were mini nasty smelling fragrance machines. Even if I applied a ton of deodorant or took multiple showers each day, my underarm sweat always had a distinct not pleasant odor.

Prior to getting MiraDry, I tried Botox injections, home remedies, different deodorants, prescription antiperspirants and even sweat pills and none of them worked. At least until I had my Miradry treatment! It was the first treatment I tried that got rid of my excessive underarm sweating and the odor that came with it.

I had my MiraDry procedure done at Advanced Dermatology in Manhattan. The procedure starts off with them making an outline of your armpit and then they give you numbing injections. I think it's lidocaine that they inject or something similar. The injections hurt a bit but not nearly as bad as the Botox injections I received previously, at least not in my opinion.

Then they take the handpiece of the MiraDry machine and hold it over your armpit. You feel some suction on your skin from the machine. I think the reason I felt the suction was because some parts of my armpit may not have been completely numbed. Once the doctor finished doing both arms, I got ice packs and then I was free to go home. I jumped in a cab and off I went.

When I got to my apartment, I continued icing my underarms as much as possible. I took ibuprofen when I got home to help with some of the swelling (no bruising). My underarms felt a bit lumpy from the swelling. I had a bit of numbness and a pain that ran down my arm for a few weeks but it went away.

My miradry experience was great. I have noticed a marked in how much I sweat and no longer smell like my odor glands are working overtime. I still have to return to Advanced for a second treatment to deliver long lasting results but I can already tell that the treatment worked better than any of the stuff I did before. I no longer have to be worried about the way I smell or sweat stains appearing on my clothes. In my opinion, it's the best non-invasive treatment for sweat reduction.

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