My Otoplasty Went Well and My Big Ears Are Gone!

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Performed 2017

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My name is Jessica and I was 19 when I had my otoplasty surgery. An otoplasty basically means your ears are pinned back, which is why this surgery is sometimes referred to as 'ear pinning.' I was born with prominent ears and growing up most of my friends made sure to remind me of them. A few of my friends used to joke around that I had 'Obama' ears. That's exactly what you want to hear when you're a 19 year old female. LOL.

When I was looking around for a doctor to do my ear surgery, I consulted with 3 different plastic surgeons. My parents were against me having plastic surgery to fix my ears but that didn't stop me from getting it done. They were worried about me going under the knife. I told them I was pretty set on having my otoplasty procedure done and that I was going to proceed with it.

Out of the 3 surgeons I met with, the prices I were quoted ranged from $5500-7800. I was a bit shocked at how expensive the procedure was going to run. I had mentally prepared for the procedure to cost around $4000-5000, but didn't think I was going to have to lay out almost 8 grand to have it done! Even though cost was a big determining factor, I ended up picking the surgeon that had quoted me the most. I had the best connection with him. His prices were expensive, but I looked at it as an investment in my self confidence.

Leading up to my surgery, I couldn't eat or drink anything past midnight the night before. I was anxious but ready for my surgery. I had wanted my ears pinned for so long that I was so ready to have it done. Surprisingly, I was able to fight through my nerves and slept pretty well that night.

My surgery was at 10 am and I had to arrive at the hospital 2 hours before my surgery time. At the hospital, everyone was super nice. The first thing they did when I arrived was checked my pulse, temperature and blood pressure. Then I changed into the hospital garb. After about 30 minutes, I went into the operating room. I lied down, they covered me with blankets, gave me an IV and put those sticky heart monitors on me. They put a monitor on my finger too. The nurse who was in the OR with me was super sweet. She made me feel very comfortable. Then they gave me an oxygen mask and then they starting pumping the anesthesia into me. I was knocked out pretty soon thereafter.

My aftercare nurse was just as sweet as my OR nurse. When I was coming back around after being under, she was very attentive and made sure I was comfortable. It took a good 30 minutes for me to get with it and I was a bit sore as I woke up, but was told everything had gone well. My whole head was wrapped in gauze and my ears were completely covered. My throat was scratchy from the anesthesia tube being down my throat too. I wasn't in post-op too long and was allowed to go home within a few hours.

At home, I was tired. I was given pain killers and even though I wasn't in much pain, I decided to take them to ward off any pain that might have popped up. The biggest problem I had during my recovery was not being able to sleep on my side. I was able to get around this by buying a neck pillow and using it to prop my head up while putting no pressure on my ears. I highly recommend buying a neck pillow if you're having an otoplasty.

I had to wear the head wrap for a few days and I was not allowed to get it wet. I was forced to take baths because of this, when I only took showers before surgery. The other issue I had during my recovery is that the pain medication made it hard to pee. As I went from 3 pills to 2 and then to 1 pill a day, I regained my normal bathroom habits. It was also really annoying not being able to scratch around my hairline because I couldn't disrupt the bandage.

A week later, my head bandage was removed and I felt liberated. I was finally able to get a glimpse of my new ears and I was quickly able to tell there was a huge difference in them. My protruding ears were now normal! I knew it would take months before the swelling was completely gone and I would see my final result but I already loved them.

Over the next few weeks, my sutures dissolved and my ears continued to look better as the months went by. It's now been a few years since my operation and I'm glad I made the decision to have surgery. I didn't want to live my whole life thinking people were looking at my big ears. I know some people are against having cosmetic surgery, but I think if it makes you feel better, then it's worth it. I would have this procedure again if I had to.

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