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"Brazilian butt lift"


Performed 2017

Procedure review

What piqued my interest in a Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer?

I first became interested in a bbl and fat transfer to my hips about a year ago. No matter how many hours I spent in the gym, or how much I pushed myself doing CrossFit for many months, I could not get rid of the shelf of fat on my back. As we lose weight, weight loss happens proportionally. So even though I was losing weight, I was unable to change the shape of my body. There was no butt lift workout that was going to give me the appearance I desired and I did not want to end up being very thin. I wanted to keep my curves, so I began looking for alternative options to exercise.

Why I Picked My Doctor:

Once I decided that I was interested in having plastic surgery, I considered going to Miami, as the prices were slightly cheaper and there is an abundance of plastic surgeons in that area. It seemed like everyone in Miami received some sort of cosmetic surgery! However, after much consideration and research, I eventually settled on seeing Dr. Wilberto Cortes. Dr. Cortes is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas. Since I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Dr. Cortes had fantastic before and after photos, YouTube and Instagram videos, I decided to pay him a visit. His informational videos really showcased his expertise doing BBL surgery. While many other surgeons offer BBLs, few specialized specifically in this procedure. I knew what I wanted and liked that Dr. Cortes performed 300-400 BBL surgeries each year.

Since I was an out of town patient, Dr. Cortes offered me a complimentary initial virtual consultation. To do this, I had to send him pictures of the front, sides and back views of my body. FYI - If you decide to have an initial consultation in-person with Dr. Cortes, he charges a $60 fee.

After sending Dr. Cortes my photos, he got back to me and confirmed that I was an ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer from back. He quoted me $7,500 for his surgeon's fee and with hospital costs (Dr. Cortes requires his patients to stay overnight), general anesthesia, compression garments, medicines, etc., the total cost of my surgery was around $12,000. I was happy with what Dr. Cortes had to say and booked my surgery. My surgery date was scheduled for 7-11-17.

My Surgery Experience:

Two days prior to my surgery date, I arrived in Houston. The day before my procedure, I met with Dr. Cortes to discuss my wishes and what was realistically possible during my surgery. I did not have any "wish " pictures or ideas and just told him that I wanted something that fit my body shape and size well.

After meeting with Dr. Cortes, I had to go to the hospital to pay my hospital fees and get my blood work done. FYI - If you're having BBL surgery, please make be sure to take your iron pills two days prior to your surgery.

The Day of My Surgery:

The hospital required that I arrive 3 hours prior to my surgery time. This is so they can prepare you for the procedure and if need be, move up your surgery time. My procedure was scheduled for 10 am, so I had to be there around 7 am. Once at the hospital, they took me back into an OR prep room. There I met with the nurses who would be taking care of me post-op and the anesthesiology team. After meeting with the medical staff, a nurse gave me an IV. After that, I was administered the first part of my anesthesia in the prep room, which is supposed to calm your nerves. I am sensitive to medications, so this first injection completely knocked me out and I did not wake up until after my procedure was over.

Post-Op Recovery & Pain Levels:

I woke up from the surgery with no issues and with zero pain. I do, however, remember being extremely cold and remember asking for a blanket and then falling asleep again. I then woke up when they transported me to the room I would be staying in overnight. The highest my pain level got during my recovery period was about a 3 or 4 out of 10.

My Recovery Time:

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery generally has a recovery time of 10-14 days. However, you are not allowed to sit or wear the faja garment for 3 months post-op. After two weeks, you're given a pillow to put under your thighs. For me, the pillow was helpful in preventing my legs from falling asleep. My pain level was minimal throughout my entire recovery.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my decision to get a BBL and picking Dr. Cortes as my surgeon. Shortly after my surgery, I very quickly saw great results and was very happy with Dr. Cortes's surgical skills.

I have attached a bunch of before and after picture of my BBL experience. You can also follow my recovery on Youtube. My account name is Raysa Jadael.

Good luck and I hope my butt lift review helps you make a more informed decision!

Dr. Wilberto Cortes

Houston, TX

Rejuvenus Aesthetics - Houston, TX

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