My Personal Experience With Botox Has Been Wonderful (Received it 8 Times)

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After Botox Treatment 1 - My Personal Experience With Botox Has Been Wonderful (Received it 8 Times) - review image.
After Botox Treatment 2 - My Personal Experience With Botox Has Been Wonderful (Received it 8 Times) - review image.
Before Botox Treatment 1 - My Personal Experience With Botox Has Been Wonderful (Received it 8 Times) - review image.
Before Botox Treatment 2 - My Personal Experience With Botox Has Been Wonderful (Received it 8 Times) - review image.

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2014

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I am now 31 years old, but was 27 or 28 when I received my first Botox treatment. Since my first injections, I can honestly say I've been hooked on Botox. I absolutely love the way it makes my forehead look and have never had any issues with my injections.

I decided to get Botox because I work in medicine ( I've worked in dermatology and plastic surgery) and was surrounded by people who had received Botox and raved about it. Out of 10 coworkers who had received Botox injections, not a single one of them regretted getting it and all of them had great results. Even though I did not have any noticeable forehead wrinkles at the time, I did notice that my forehead would wrinkle up like a Shar Pei when I scrunched my forehead muscles. As a expressive person, who wears my emotions on my shoulders, I began noticing this scrunching in photos and it bothered me. At the advice of a nurse I worked with, I decided to get Botox to stop this scrunching and as a preventative treatment. I did not want to form deep wrinkles on my forehead that would then need to be treated with fillers.

The treatment itself was very simple. I received 4-6 injections of Botox through a very small needle (The needle was a 30 gauge, or even smaller.), which I barely felt. The entire treatment only took 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, I had some tiny bubbles of Botox at the injection sites, but that quickly dissipated and I was left with no visible signs that I had anything done. I also did not have any bruising, swelling or redness. I was back to work 25 minutes later and not one person noticed. My husband didn't even notice I did anything when I got home. It took 3-4 days for the Botox to kick in and partially paralyze my forehead/ frown muscles.

Since my first Botox treatment, I have received 8 more treatments. I get Botox every 3-4 months, as the effect wears off. One bit of advice I would offer to anyone receiving Botox for the first time, is that it can be a bit disconcerting when it first kicks in. I remember being in the car after my first treatment and all of a sudden I looked in the rearview mirror and realized my forehead muscle movement was limited. After a few hours, I got used to it and eventually began to love the feeling of not being able to move my muscles, but it was a bit alarming after my first treatment since I did not know what to expect. I did not have this reaction with any subsequent Botox injections, so it was a one-time experience.

In my personal experience, Botox is absolutely amazing. It is a very simple treatment and I plan on receiving it for the rest of my life. In fact, I love Botox so much, I recommend it to all of my friends and family. It has helped me keep my youthful looks and I have never experienced any bad side effects from Botox. In the right hands, Botox is very safe and you shouldn't listen to the people who say 'you're injecting botulinum toxins into your face,'how could put that poison in your face!' These people have no idea what they're talking about. Botox has been around a long time and has been FDA approved to treat migraines, muscle spasms and other ailments. It is extremely save and effective, so don't worry about that when deciding to get Botox.

If you're considering Botox injections, just be sure to visit an expert injector (Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Doctor, etc.). Also, a word of wisdom to anyone considering injections - don't be afraid to have a nurse, NP or PA inject you. These medical professionals are sometimes better at injecting than the doctor. This is because many of these medical professionals only do injections and nothing else. Doctors frequently do many things and like anything else, practice makes perfect. Just be sure you go to a well-respected and highly recommended medical professional. You do not want to go to the wrong person and end up with droopy eyelids.

Cost Information:

I paid $400 for 40 units of Botox. I received a discount, since I was friends with the injector. Botox typically would cost around $560 for 40 units.


Leah Bienstock, PA-C

Montclair, NJ

Image Dermatology - Montclair, NJ

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