My Personal Experience With Microblading. What it Cost With Pictures and a Video.

TaylorWong Patient gender: Female Patient age: 25 Cost: $500

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My Personal Experience With Microblading. What it Cost With Pictures and a Video. - review image.
My Personal Experience With Microblading. What it Cost With Pictures and a Video. - review image.
My Personal Experience With Microblading. What it Cost With Pictures and a Video. - review image.
My Personal Experience With Microblading. What it Cost With Pictures and a Video. - review image.

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Performed 2017

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My name is Taylor and I am currently 22 years old. I had my eyebrows microbladed last year in Vancouver, BC. Microblading is a semi-permanent way to give the appearance of increased natural hair on your eyebrows. It's pretty much semi-permanent makeup. My friend, Christine Thalita, learned how to microblade and asked me If I wanted to get my brows done. I agreed, because I have never been completely happy with the density of my eyebrow hair. Before I knew it, I was lying down on a table getting ready to get my new brows.

when I arrived for my initial appointment, Christine first drew out the shape of the brows I desired and measured them very carefully to make sure they flowed with my face shape. She then tested out the colors on my forehead to see which was the closest. When I was satisfied, she applied numbing cream to my brow area. I have a very low pain threshold and I was really scared I was going to feel the needles. Hearing the word tattoo makes you think of this huge needle going into your skin, but I was wrong. The tool she used was very small and it wasn’t just one blade. It was so small, similar to an eye shadow brush and it consisted of tiny little needles together to makeup the tool. I felt a little more comforted when I saw it myself. I was ready to get my eyebrow tattoos!

We waited about 15 mins before the cream was set. Then she wiped it off and began the microblading process. As she started the first hair strokes, I barely felt it. She told me to listen for Velcro being ripped off to know if she was going in deep enough. Her stance was steady and slow. Every stroke was carefully glided along my brow to make sure the ink set in. She only started off with big gapped strokes to set an outline for herself, as she will be going back to fill it in after. When she got to the middle of my brow, I started feeling some pain. I could tolerate it, but once it got to the middle, I told her it was stinging and she stopped. Afterwards, she wiped it off and applied more numbing cream. That helped a lot.

While the new layer of numbing cream set in, she moved on to the other brow and applied the same technique. She kept switching from brow-to-brow, filling in my eyebrow hair with each additional stroke, reapplying numbing cream each time afterwards. It's a good thing she kept reapply the numbing cream, because it really helped. Not only does it numb your brow, but it helps as a cooling gel.

When she was done microblading my brows, we sat there for a while to let the ink set in. When she wiped away the ink, she made sure that my brows were fully filled in and any areas that weren't, she would do again with the blade. She then applied a brow mask to help the ink set in a little more and that entire process took about 15 minutes. She then wiped off the excess mask and took one more look at my brows. I’m glad she is very precise on making sure that my brows are equal and done properly.

When she showed me my final results, I was surprised because I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. My brow color was darker and fuller because of the ink. The parts around my brows were red due to the irritated skin. I paid around $500 for the session and that includes a follow-up appointment for a touch up within 3 weeks following your first procedure. She gave me some bees wax to put on my brows because I couldn't get them wet for the next week or the ink will wash away.

As the days passed, I developed some small scabs. The scabs eventually fell off and I got used to my new eyebrows. The healing process didn't take long and wasn't painful. As the ink faded more towards the color of my natural brows, I became super happy with the natural look I was left with. My new, perfect eyebrows really made my brow shape and eyebrow density look amazing.

My microblading experience was overall great. Christine did some amazing work on me. It's a process to go through, but in the end it's worth it and now I don’t have to worry about extra time to fill in my brows anymore. It's a bit weird knowing my eyebrows are now composed of ink from a semi-permanent tattoo, but nevertheless, I'm still happy and they look great! Unfortunately, even after my touch-up appointment, my brows will not last for a long time. I'll have to return to see Christine every 16 months or so to have another microblading treatment done if I want to keep the same results I currently have. I guess this will have to do, unleMy quest for the perfect brows will continue, but right now I'm very happy!

I've attached a video of my experience.

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