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Before Invisalign Treatment 1 - My Review of Invisalign - Loved it!  - review image.
Before Invisalign Treatment 2 - My Review of Invisalign - Loved it!  - review image.

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Performed 2016

Procedure review

For most of my life I have had a huge gap in the middle of my teeth. The significance of this gap cannot be understated. Not only did it shape the appearance of my face, but surely, it also shaped the course of the opportunities I’ve allowed myself (and been allowed) to take on in my life. How many more pictures would I have been in, how many more friends would I have made, how many less jobs would I have been turned down for if only I’d just smiled a little bit more? After 23 years, I’m just beginning to find out – all thanks to my Invisalign treatment.

In May 2016, I bought a deal from Groupon that promised me $2,000 off Invisalign, and a complimentary tooth whitening treatment worth $200. Sounds like a steal, right? Well after the initial 30-minute consultation, I left the dentist’s office with my pride shot and my hope deflated. I was told that my teeth were not just extremely spaced, but were also horribly flared and my gums were in bad shape. However, I was indeed a candidate for Invisalign. The total cost would tally up to be $5,500 AFTER the $2,000 discount. Because the dentist felt my plight, she waived the consultation fee – it was the least she could do.

I had a teeth cleaning appointment with my regular dentist scheduled directly after that consultation. While he thought my gums were in much better shape than the last dentist had suggested, he did think my spacing was too severe for Invisalign. In fact, he was not a proponent of Invisalign at all and directed me to get the consult of an orthodontist and not a dentist who was just trying to make a quick buck. His advice sounded good, but I didn’t want to spend money on a consultation just to be told I wasn’t a fit.

I felt absolutely gutted. I knew Invisalign was expensive, but I didn’t think it would set me back the price of a used car. I assumed I would live with my crooked teeth for the rest of my life and gave up on the idea of having straight teeth for a while, until one day, while dropping my friend off at a doctor’s appointment, I stumbled across the dental clinic – Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry. I went home and did a quick search and found out they had a 5.0 rating and highly favorable reviews. They offered a free consultation, so I immediately jumped on that deal.

After meeting with Dr. Miles of Laurel Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry, he told me that I was an excellent candidate for Invisalign. He told me he’d be realistic with me and said my treatment plan would take time – 29 Invisalign trays, or two years’ total - but it would work. He asked if my insurance covered Invisalign and I said no, so he offered me a deal - $4,500 for the whole thing and I could do an interest free monthly payment plan. This was a $1,000 cheaper than my first consult, and I was confident that I’d be in good hands with Dr. Miles.

He took molds of my teeth (impressions) and in two weeks I was called in to watch the video of how my teeth would transform. I was also told that after wearing the 29 plastic trays for two weeks each, I would have to wear a retainer for 6 months nonstop and at night for the rest of my life after that. The video was the most exciting part of the whole process so far, and without hesitation I put down the $1,000 deposit to start treatment. A couple of weeks later, my trays were ready and my Invisalign journey began.

I won’t lie, the first few days we’re the worst and the following weeks weren’t much better. Day 1-3 it felt like the aligner trays were crushing my teeth, forcing them together by any means necessary. For almost a month, I spoke with a slight lisp. I had to time myself while I ate, so that I remembered to keep my trays on for at least 22 hours a day.

I felt a twinge of regret and uncertainty, but by the time I put on my third set of trays, I knew I made the right decision. By the second month, putting on my trays no longer felt like a chore. By the fourth month, I was completely comfortable having them in my mouth for 23+ hours a day. By the sixth month, all the spaces in my top teeth had closed.

Today, I have every reason to smile. My teeth have come a long way since the beginning of this journey. 10 months and 24 trays into my Invisalign treatment, my face has completely changed. My gap is gone – yes – but my overbite is also less noticeable, and teeth in general are much straighter. When people speak to me, they look me in the eyes and not down at my mouth. While the process has been as seamless as can be, I’m still adjusting to this new me. I must constantly remind myself that it’s alright to talk without having to conceal my bottom teeth. It sounds ridiculous, but this was a habit I’d formed for 23 years – and now, I’m happier than ever to break it.

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