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Why I chose SmileDirectClub:

After doing my research and weighing the pros and cons of traditional braces versus clear aligners, I chose SmileDirectClub because of the affordability, convenience (at-home) and the overall process of the program was really what I wanted and needed to achieve straight teeth. Unlike Invisalign, another company that makes similar clear aligners, I did not need to visit a local Orthodontist to get my dental impressions made. SmileDirectClub's cost was also much cheaper than Invisalign.


With SmileDirectClub, you don't have in-person consultation with a dentist or orthodontist. All I had to do was call one of their representatives at their Nashville, TN, office and order an impression kit. Smile Direct had tutorial videos online for me to watch to learn what I needed to know. Overall, SmileDirect's customer service was great!

Before ordering your impression kit, SmileDirect has you take a 30-second SmileCheck assessment on their website. This assessment tells you right away if you are an ideal candidate for this program. Next you must pay for your impression/evaluation kit but while you’re waiting for your evaluation kit, you must take photos of your upper and lower teeth. These photos must be precisely taken and submitted using their online photo assessment tool, or else they will not mail out your evaluation kit -- but don’t worry, they give you all the information you need to take great photos of your upper and lower teeth. Once you receive your evaluation kit and you send your molds back, the waiting game begins. It's a process to have your aligners made and I wanted to share this, because I started my process in October and I didn’t get my aligners until January 30th, so there is time involved but just know that anything worth having is worth waiting for.

My Experience With SmileDirectClub:

How I felt:

I will admit, prior to receiving my aligners I was a little bit apprehensive because I knew it would hurt (no pain, no gain) so I knew there would be a little pain involved because the aligners are created to move your teeth and eventually straighten them but the program gave me the information that I needed I was well prepared for what was coming. I must say the whole process was seamless. I received my new aligners, I wore them and I took them out when I needed to eat or brush my teeth. I did not mind a little pain to have perfectly straight teeth. It was well worth it!

Virtual communication

From the beginning, I knew that I wouldn’t have to meet with anyone physically because this program is an at home treatment and everything is done online through SmileDirect's online dashboard, emails or telephone calls. Because their aligner's program was set up like this, I knew this going into it and it is the reason I chose them. I also loved the fact that I did not need to have orthodontic office visits every 5-6 weeks. I saved on gas and time off from work. It was a win/win situation for me and again, this is why I primarily chose this program. You can not beat the convenience or cost of SmileDirect's program.

How it changed my life

As a part-time blogger and even in my full-time profession, I am seen publicly all the time and it bothered me that I had crooked teeth and I always wanted them straightened whether it was with traditional braces or clear aligners. I am so glad I chose SmileDirectClub because now my confidence is through the roof and my smile is pure perfection (to me). Now, when I’m seen in public doing interviews or anything of that nature, I have the confidence in knowing that my teeth are straight and I know I look the part. I could not be happier with my final results! Even on my journey to straighter teeth, no one knew it, because I pretty much had invisible braces on. Clear aligners are definitely better than metal braces.

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