My Rhinoplasty Experience with Costs, Pictures and Videos in Worcester, MA

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My Rhinoplasty Experience with Costs, Pictures and Videos in Worcester, MA - review image.
My Rhinoplasty Experience with Costs, Pictures and Videos in Worcester, MA - review image.
My Rhinoplasty Experience with Costs, Pictures and Videos in Worcester, MA - review image.

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Performed 2016

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My Rhinoplasty Experience.

Age: 25

Doctor: Dr. Stuart BentkoverWorcester, MA

My name is Jennifer and I want to share my rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Stuart Bentkover, a facial plastic surgeon in Worcester, MA, because I truly can't imagine having had a better experience undergoing this procedure despite being terrified of the surgery and recovery. I honestly can't recommend this surgeon enough.

I'm Lebanese and I have been self-conscious of my nose my entire life. Friends would playfully tease me, but deep down I was insecure. I hated taking photos or being seen from the side. All in all, it seemed like a large part of my day was consumed with trying to hide my nose. For a long time, I had wanted a different nose. At the age of 22 (I'm 25 now), I decided to get a nose job.

Like mostly anyone undergoing plastic surgery, I was nervous about so many things: What if it ends up looking worse? What if I need a revision rhinoplasty? What if the anesthesia doesn't work? What if the recovery process is painful? I booked my first appointment with Dr. Bentkover with these fears at the front of my mind (which costs around $100, but can be deducted from the cost of surgery if you ended up booking. You also can go back and speak with Dr. Bentkover as many times as you'd like at no extra charge). To be candid, I didn't have a good first consultation; I confidently told the doctor what I was looking for - a turned up tip, smaller bridge, and "slope" down the profile of my nose. Basically, he said no to all of it, snapped a few photos of my face, and uploaded them to do computer imaging to show me what adjustments he would recommend for my nose - which included none of what I wanted.

I listened to his recommendations and left feeling disheartened that I hadn't yet found the right doctor for me. But after a few days of thinking, I did really appreciate his honesty and bluntness, and I started questioning if it was perhaps better to move forward with a doctor who wouldn't necessarily give me everything I wanted for the sake of making money. I called up Dr. Bentkover again and asked for a second consultation.

During the second meeting, I relayed that I had left feeling a little unheard during the previous consultation. He seemed shocked, apologized and told me that he didn't mean to ignore what I wanted - but that it's quite common with this procedure for patients to have a fantasy of one, universally "perfect" nose, when the "perfect" nose needs to individually be crafted for each patient, and that if a rhinoplasty surgeon is good, they can craft the ideal nose for a patient better than the patient can, him or herself. He opened my photos again and digitally altered them according to his suggestions. Altogether, they summed up to a small difference in appearance. My face didn't really look much different - but my nose was no longer distracting. It was almost like looking at a normal, current photo of myself, but without having to do a double-take because of my nose. Although it wasn't the "ideal" nose I was imagining in my mind, it looked so natural and fitted for my face. Almost like nothing was changed at all. This man is truly an artist and it hit me in that moment that yes, he did know much better than me. I needed far less work than I had initially thought, and I really should have trusted him from the beginning. So, I booked my surgery that day. Altogether (procedure + general anesthesia), the total came to around $10K, with around $3K of that being for the general anesthesia. Of course, if you get local anesthetic, the cost comes down.

My surgery date was a few months out and when the day came, I was really, really scared. I have a huge phobia of anesthesia but the entire team was so lovely and kind towards me. The nurses made sure I was comfy and chatted with me to take my mind off things. The anesthesiologist talked to me as well which really helped to calm my fears. And (I really appreciated this the most), Dr. Bentkover stopped in before the surgery began to triple confirm all the changes that he was going to make. I asked him if I would be in pain when I woke up. He said something to the effect of "eh, probably not" (I'm telling you - he's a very matter-of-fact, dry-humored, no-BS kind of guy ha-ha - but he gets the job done right!). Then, I was on my way to the operating table and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I wasn't in pain or nauseous at all, but surprisingly energetic. I was told to just lay back and rest, and to eat some ice chips to keep my mouth moist. But I just wanted to get up to see what I looked like!

Around 45 min later, the doctor came in to tell me that the surgery went well and that he would see me again the very next day (1-day post op) to check on my nose, and I was on my way. The full recovery process is a bit long (most swelling and bruising is gone within a week, and the nose can take up to a full year to really settle into its "permanent" shape), so here is the condensed version:

1-day post op - meet with the surgeon so he can change your gauze/check on the nose/etc.
1-week post op - meet again with the surgeon to remove the packing/sutures (lots of gauze and structural units placed in your nose to help it heal in place). Up until this point, you need to breathe through your mouth, which can make sleeping difficult. Keep water by your bedside!!
1-month post op - meet again to review healing
2-12-months post op - some numbness and dry skin, nose softens up over time "sinks' into its natural state

In my case, the swelling in bruising was TERRIBLE (I looked like I got hit by a truck), but there was virtually no pain, and I didn’t even fill my pain prescription or take any Advil! I iced my face a lot to help with bruising, but altogether, my bruising and swelling was bad for around 2 weeks. At the 1 week mark, when I got the packing removed and the "brace" taken off, I nearly cried at the sight. I was beyond happy. I couldn't believe that not only was the experience over and it was not something I needed to worry about anymore, but that Dr. Bentkover had done such an amazing job and managed to make my nose look like I was born with it. Once the bruising was gone, everyone was telling me how they could barely even tell that I had surgery. Not to be cliché, but it was "like my nose but better".

Now, a few years later, my nose is fully healed and I can't explain in words the sense of freedom I feel, or how much I don't recognize that person who used to think about hiding her nose 24/7. My nose isn't even something I think about in photos anymore, and I like looking at it from the side! When I put my head up, I can see that the septum healed a bit crooked, but that is such a minor non-issue in the full scope of how my rhinoplasty turned out. I can absolutely say that choosing to follow through with this procedure and allowing a great doctor like Dr. Bentkover to do it was hands down the best and most impactful decision I've ever made in my life. I could not be happier with my new nose!

See below for photos and a video of my experience.

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