My Rhinoplasty Experience With Dr. David Tauber

AnneseKimberly Patient gender: Female Patient age: 25 Location: Albany Cost: $6,500

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After Rhinoplasty Surgery Right Side - My Rhinoplasty Experience With Dr. David Tauber  - review image.
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Before Rhinoplasty Surgery - My Rhinoplasty Experience With Dr. David Tauber  - review image.
Before Rhinoplasty Surgery Right Side - My Rhinoplasty Experience With Dr. David Tauber  - review image.
Before Rhinoplasty Surgery Left Side - My Rhinoplasty Experience With Dr. David Tauber  - review image.
Under Nose View Before Rhinoplasty Surgery - My Rhinoplasty Experience With Dr. David Tauber  - review image.
Right Side of Face Before Rhinoplasty Surgery - My Rhinoplasty Experience With Dr. David Tauber  - review image.

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Performed 2017

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Hello, my name is Annese and I am a 22-year-old young woman from Upstate New York (Albany area) who for several years has been bothered by the appearance of my nose. My nose itself was slightly large and it has a convex dorsum with an overhang and a bulbous tip. In order to correct this, I required an open rhinoplasty with a takedown of the dorsum infracturing, a tipplasty with suture stabilization and slight shortening and angulation of the caudal septum.

I was about 14 years old when I realized that my nose was a lot bigger than my peers and I was about 15 years old when I used the words “I hate it” often to describe how I felt about my nose. Growing up in a large school district, I was bullied a lot. The bullying about my nose began in middle school. “You look like a bird”, “your nose makes you look like a witch”, “you would be prettier with a different nose” and so on and so on. My nose bothered me more than it ever should have; of course, I never mentioned that to anyone because I was embarrassed. Five years ago (in high school), getting a rhinoplasty didn’t seem like an option for me. However, five years later, it was finally a possibility. I’ve had constant lack of confidence in my nose since I was in about eight or ninth grade. Recently, on January 4th 2017, I was able to fix something, not for anyone else, but for me, and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

Around August 2016, I set up a consultation with Dr. David Tauber, a plastic surgeon in my area, at Deluca Plastic Surgery. At the consultation, before meeting with the doctor, a nurse took before pictures of my nose in different positions up against a white background. After the pictures were taken, she guided me to my room where I waited to meet with the Doctor. Once the doctor entered the room, he asked me why I was thinking about getting a rhinoplasty and asked me specifically what I did not like about my nose. Next, he took several minutes to examine my nose. After this, he told me that I would be a good candidate for this surgery and that if I wanted, I could go talk to his assistant who could tell me the price as well as different payment options. So, I went to talk to his assistant in a private room who explained to me my different option. She told me what the entire price of the surgery would be (including the anesthesia fee as well as the hospital fee because these fees were a separate fee apart from the actual surgery cost). Altogether, she said that the price of my surgery would be around $6,500. I told her that I needed some time to think about it and that I would call her back regarding setting up a more detailed consultation in the near future. When I got home that afternoon, I was thinking more and more into the surgery and wanted to set up a consultation with the owner of the plastic surgery business, Dr. William Deluca, just to ensure that I was making the right choice about who I wanted to perform this surgery. A few days later, I called back and set up another consultation appointment to talk with Dr. Deluca. This time, my mom came with me. After talking to Dr. Deluca, we realized that he himself was the correct fit for me and my specific nose. After this, we met with Dr. Deluca’s assistant who explained to myself and my mom the price and payment options as well. She explained that we could either pay monthly on a payment plan (the payment plan offered was only for the actual surgery cost not including the anesthesia fee and hospital fee) or we could pay the surgery fee in total at least a week before my surgery date. I chose to just pay for this surgery all together before my actual surgery date. We set up my surgery for January 4th, 2017. Since my surgery seemed so far away from the day I scheduled it, I decided to make an Instagram account as well as a YouTube account to document how I felt as well as before pictures since I was uncomfortable talking about this to people I knew (in the beginning I felt insecure about it still). Doing these two things, really helped and opened me up to different people throughout the whole world who were going through the same and/or similar things that I was.

Sooner than I knew it, surgery day came. I remember waking up around 6am to get ready to be at the surgical center at 7am. When I woke up, I remember being so thirsty and hungry since I couldn’t eat or drink 12 hours before my surgery. Shortly after waking up, I was on my way to the surgical center. I had to arrive an hour before my 8am operation in order for me to fill out paperwork as well as change into the hospital gown and have the nurse put my iv in. I remember after changing, the anesthesiologist came into my room and talked to me about how the needle would feel and how the anesthesia would make me feel before giving them to me which I thought was very calming. Once my IV was in, she came back about 15-20 minutes later telling me that she was going to give me my anesthesia before bringing me to my room and to count back from 30 and before I knew it I was up from surgery. I remember waking up and feeling cold pressure on my eyes. The nurse came over once she realized I was awake and explained to me how the coldness was from an ice pack that they put on my eyes/nose area to help with the swelling. My nose was covered with a cast that I had to keep on it until I met with my surgeon a week after surgery. Also, my nose had two sets of stitches, one on each side of my nostril and my nose was not filled with splints which is something that surgeons decide to do or not to do based on the patient and their nose.

I’m not going to lie to you, recovery was hard but 100% worth it all. During my recovery, I was prescribed multiple medications. I was prescribed a medication to help with my swelling and bruising as well as pain medication to help with my pain. When I woke up from surgery, I wasn’t bruised yet but about a day after, I had bruising and swelling around my eye, on my eyelids and surrounding my nose. The bruising looked much worse than it actually felt. For about the week after surgery, I spent a lot of down time in my bed or on my couch sleeping, watching tv and icing my nose. For me, I felt like neck pillows (like the ones you would use on an airplane) were very beneficial during my recovery time since I had to sleep somewhat sitting up and to ensure that I wouldn’t accidently lay on my nose. For the first week until I got my cast off, my nose was filled with dried blood and it was very hard to breath due to the dried blood. The surgeon and nurse told me not to touch the inside of my nose until I got my cast off and stiches out. During that week, I wasn’t in much pain it was just more of a discomfort feeling not being able to breath out of nose as well as not being able to sleep like I was used to. The day of my cast/stitches removal was honestly more painful than the recovery itself. The cast removal just felt like pressure on my nose but the stitches being taken out was painful but worth it. The first time I saw my nose in a mirror after the surgeon took off the cast and stitches, I cried. I was so shocked at how amazing it looked already even though it was very swelled. The next year was filled with ups and downs after my surgery. Some days, it was so swelled and I felt uneasy about how it looked. Other days, the swelling was at a minimal and I was beyond the moon on how happy I was. The truth is that swelling for the first year is going to be on and off and that you can not be upset when your nose is swelled during that time. Your nose will continue to swell for up to a year and its just something that is part of the process. Right now, I am about a year and 3 months post op and I can honestly say that getting a rhinoplasty was the best decision of my entire life. I am still so happy about how it turned out.

After my surgery I’ve noticed how much happier and carefree I am. I don’t worry about my appearance and have even started to wear less makeup. I feel confident talking to others, and not once have I felt insecure about my nose. Getting surgery was the best thing I could have ever done for me. My nose is smaller with gentle angulation to the dorsum with removal of the convexity. The tip is more triangular and I now have a more feminine lip columellar angle.

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