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Performed 2016

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I looked into butt enhancement procedures for approximately a year before having a Sculptra butt lift.

My biggest issue with my butt was that it didn't project enough.I am not a heavy person, so I didn't have enough fat for a brazilian butt lift. For you to be a good candidate for a BBL, the doctor needs to to do a fat transfer from one part of your body to your butt. I didn't have another spot with fat that I could use a donor spot. Because of this, I had to look at other butt lift procedures. The one that seemed the most intriguing to me was a buttock augmentation with Sculptra, a poly-l-lactic acid filler that is different than Juvederm or some of the more common dermal fillers. Sculptra lasts much longer than regular fillers and stimulates collagen production in the areas that it's injected. As my doctor explained it, it pretty much creates a grid that simulates collagen growth.

Now before you read any further, if you're considering a Sculptra butt lift, you should know that is very expensive. I paid $24,000 for my surgery with Dr. Jamie Schwartz, who is a wonderful doctor. If you're not willing to foot the bill, then you should consider alternative butt enhancement procedures. Most of the surgical procedures are cheaper than what I paid. You've been warned!

The first step to my injections were my butt had to be marked, rubbed down with alcohol and then numbed with a small needle. The next step was the big needle with Sculptra in it. When the Sculptra was injected, I would say I had minimal discomfort. I was numb, so I couldn't really feel anything. I just felt a bit of a tugging sensation. Not long after, maybe 15 minutes or so, the procedure was completed. And that was all I had to go through! It sure beat going through an invasive procedure. There was zero recovery time after my procedure too. I had some redness in the treatment area that I only noticed when I looked in the mirror. It was nothing of concern.

Back to Dr. Schwartz for a second, because he is deserving of a shout out. The man has AMAZING bedside manner. He is also very clear in what he tells you and it gave me comfort in knowing that it seemed like he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He didn't waver at all. What a pleasurable experience I had with him. He should be your go to plastic surgeon if you live in the Beverly Hills area.

Ok, so what I described above was my first treatment session. I did have to return to have the volume in certain areas of my butt raised bout 6 weeks after my first treatment. The process was the same though and the cost I spoke about above was for all of my treatments.

After my first batch of injections, I had a subtle lift and over the next few months my butt's projection increased. The sculptra injections need time to stimulate the new collagen and that's what takes so long. Sculptra works though. I really do have a difference in my butt!

Outside of how expensive Sculptra is and the fact that it's not permanent, it's a great option if you're looking for natural looking results and aren't considering invasive procedures. You have to be patient to see your final results but imo it's worth the wait. I'm happy with my decision to get Sculptra over a more invasive procedure, like liposuction with fat transfer. Oh and Dr. Schwartz is freaking amazing. You'll fall in love with him and his staff. Two thumbs up for them!


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