My Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty Journey

JacquelineH Patient gender: Female Patient age: 26 Location: Chicago, IL Cost: $8,000

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My Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty Journey - review image.
My Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty Journey - review image.

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Performed 2015

Procedure review

A few years back, I had an accident which resulted in my nose being broken. Unwisely, I did not go to the ER to have it properly set. At the time, I did not believe anything was wrong…how I have regretting that foolhardy decision ever since! As I discovered, my accident essentially resulted in my septum becoming extremely deviated. I began struggling with breathing issues (sleep apnea, headaches, postnasal drip, you name it, I had it), all of which originated with my nose. Now, fast forward to 2015; my coworker and I were discussing nose jobs, and she recommended a surgeon by the name of Dr. Jeremy Warner, who had performed a combination of septoplasty and rhinoplasty on her sister. My coworker showed me before-and-after pictures of her sister’s nose and, to say the least, I was astounded by Dr. Warner’s work. What impressed me the most was not only the fact that he had created a very beautiful nose, but that he had created a nose that suited the patient’s face perfectly (better, one might say, then her original nose). In fact, if I were to have only seen the “after” photo, I would have assumed that the patient (my coworker’s sister) had simply been born with a perfect nose.

Intrigued, I went in for a consultation with Dr. Warner, which only cost $15. When I arrived, his staff members were so kind and welcoming that I felt immediately at ease upon walking into his office. Dr. Warner soon met me for my consultation, during which he created 3D renders of my face so that he could make precise measurements of what my nose would look like before/after the surgery. He took a great deal of time to explain every step of the procedures I would need to achieve the nose I desired. Originally, I was merely going in to inquire about my fixing my septum, which was noticeably crooked. He assured me that my septum could be fixed, but the skin covering the septum would still be crooked. Therefore, if I wanted a completely “straight looking nose”, I would need rhinoplasty as well. We then discussed what my “ideal” nose would look like. Physically, I did not want many changes; a smaller tip/improved profile was all I really wanted. Dr. Warner worked with me for nearly an hour, having me “try on” different types of noses with the 3D rendering, asking me questions to help him understand what my expectations were, etc. By the end of my consultation, I had a clear 3D image of what my nose would look like after surgery and a good understanding of what to expect during the actual surgery. I felt no pressure to sign up for surgery after my in-depth consultation, something that as a consumer, I truly appreciated. Having said that, it did not take long for me to call back and schedule my septoplasty/rhinoplasty appointment.

Before the surgery, I met with Dr. Warner once more. He explained more thoroughly what I should expect before/during/after my surgery. He also gave me a “goodie bag” of items I would need after my procedure. Inside of it was everything from tablets to help with the bruising (that I would likely incur) to corrective makeup (for when I decided to go out after the surgery). I was really touched by how considerate he and his team were during every step of my “rhinoplasty journey”. On the day of the surgery (which was located at Glenbrook Hospital), I met with Dr. Warner and his nurses (which, just like the rest of his staff, were amazing). I have never met a nurse that could insert an IV pain-free and on the first try, so that was an unexpected treat! As for the procedure itself, I can’t remember what happened after I was wheeled into the operating room. I recall counting down from ten, and that’s about it. When I woke up, I was in recovery. My nose was in a bit of pain, but the nurses were very attentive and made sure that I was taken care of. Before I left, Dr. Warner stopped by to do one final check on my nose, said that everything was good to go, then gave me a card with his number in case I had any urgent questions throughout my week of recovery. I mean, how awesome is that? Dr. Warner is a doctor that really cares! A couple hours later, I was released from the hospital and on my way home.

Throughout my recovery week, everything went very smoothly. I got a little stir-crazy because I had to stay cooped up in a bedroom for so long, but apart from that, everything went just fine. I did have a few instances in which I became slightly paranoid about small “issues” during my recovery, but all it took was a text from Dr. Warner to explain what was happening and my fears were abated. I cleaned/bandaged my stitches religiously, and before I knew it, it was time to have them removed (at the 7-day mark). Now, for me, getting the stitches removed did hurt. My nose was so sensitive that each one being cut/pulled out felt sharp and unpleasant. However, you feel so much better once they’re out that you hardly care! I went in on the 8th day to have my splint removed (I honestly didn’t even realize that I had a splint in my nose until that point) and to have my nose “cleaned”. They take a little suction hose and get rid of excess drainage; for me, it felt very cathartic after a week of extreme congestion! Then, Dr. Warner then told me to take a deep breath out of my nose…and my jaw almost hit the floor. I had NO idea how terrible my breathing was before my surgery…breathing through my post-operation nose felt incredible! The air felt exceptionally cold going down my nose, almost as if my nasal passages had never been properly used before. As for the aesthetics of my nose, even with all the swelling, I could still see a significantly positive difference in the way my nose looked. In the following days after my sutures/splint were removed, my nose did get congested, but my congestion levels returned to normal soon afterwards.

True to what Dr. Warner and his team said, it does take about 12 months for all the swelling to go down in your nose after surgery, but at the two-month mark I was already jubilated with my results. Despite the fact that there was a clear change to the outside of my nose, my coworkers and friends had no idea that I’d gotten a nose job (not that I hid it from them; Dr. Warner’s work just looked so natural that they couldn’t tell the difference). That’s the magic of Dr. Warner, he’s a true artist when it comes to rhinoplasty! He can give you any nose you desire, but he is exceptionally talented in giving you the nose that suits your face the best.

Since my surgery, my sleeping has improved dramatically. The sleep apnea that I suffered from completely disappeared. And while I never really had an issue with the shape of my nose prior to surgery, I must say that my self-confidence surged in the months after my nose finally healed. I literally can’t picture my nose any other way that it is right now, I love it so much!

Overall, my rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Warner was so positive that I find myself wishing that I needed to have another nose job done! However, as his work was so flawless, a second nose job would be pointless. Therefore, I just go around recommending him to any of my friends who are looking to have work of some sort done on their noses. In short, my rhinoplasty experience was utterly fantastic and I’d recommend Dr. Warner and his team with unflinching confidence.

The two videos below are of my surgery and post-op (the thumbnails are decent before/after shots, I've attached one of them as well):

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