My Sun Spot Removal Experience Was Great. Would Do it Again!

SouthernGirl1 Patient gender: Female Patient age: 33 Cost: $500

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Sun Spot Removal 4 Days After Treatment - My Sun Spot Removal Experience Was Great. Would Do it Again!  - review image.
Sun Spots Day 3 After Treatment - My Sun Spot Removal Experience Was Great. Would Do it Again!  - review image.
Day 1 After Sun Spot Removal - My Sun Spot Removal Experience Was Great. Would Do it Again!  - review image.
Day 4 After Sunspot Removal 2 - My Sun Spot Removal Experience Was Great. Would Do it Again!  - review image.

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Sunspot removal


Performed 2017

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I had 3 sun spots as a 30 year old white female that I hated looking at on my face, but really felt that as young as I am, I’m too young for age spots (or worse, liver spots)! I had a spot by my eye brow, another on my cheek, and one on my forehead. The ones on my eye brow and cheek looked like freckles or brown spots – they were flat and brown – but the one on my forehead was a little different as it was raised like a mole.

I’ve gotten my fair share of sun exposure over the years since I’m from the south and I have a pool. I know that I’ve put myself at the mercy of the effects of sun damage and noticed these dark spots about a year ago. Since I was starting to get worried they were there and were “new”, I saw my dermatologist. I hadn’t tried any dark spot remover topical treatments at home or bothered with some ‘clinical dark spot corrector’ by a company like Clinique, because I wasn’t sure if they were dangerous to me or not, and didn’t want to do anything until a professional saw them. He said they were OK (for not being dangerous or some sort of skin cancer). He told me that I could get rid of them with little downtime. He said he could “freeze” them off (he never said it was liquid nitrogen, but that’s what I’d assume after doing my post-procedure research) with a super cooling air gun – so I went for it.

He didn’t warn me that they would scab up and then fall off, he said they’d only look like bug bites and then get rid of the melanin pigment so much so that they would be gone. One day after the treatment you can see the scabs on my face – they certainly weren’t horrible to deal with, but when they were small spots to start with and then looked the way they do in the photo, you can understand how I felt. The following day they looked even worse being darker and became raised. I didn’t know I could cover them up with foundation at any point, so this is how I went to work looking. By day 3 they started to scab, become flat and look more like what I thought they would do right after the procedure. And by day 4, the grossest day of them all, the scabs that had formed had come off and under the scab was fresh, new skin that was pink in tone and tender. I woke up with the scabs on my face on day 4, and then later the scabs fell off and looked like the pink/tender spots. He gave no specific skin care treatments I would have to do after the treatment, but I used a gentle, sensitive skin Garnier cleanser I bought from Sephora to clean my face twice a day that has no active ingredients.

I was concerned in the process as the blemishes that were created looked worse than what I had started with and that I had made a mistake by treating these spots. In hindsight, I’m happy I did it because it was only about 5 days total of healing.

The dermatologist told me that the spots are normal after 25 years old, but he also wrote me a prescription for a cream (called tri-luma) that can be applied if I have any other new spots that will help them fade. I’ve heard of friends having these treated with things like lactic acid or glycolic acid chemical peels or fraxel laser treatments, so this approach was new to me. I can’t say if one provides better results than another for skin discoloration, or which is the best dark spot treatment out there, but this one worked for me.

If I were still working in television I wouldn’t have been able to go to work, but since I don’t anymore, it wasn’t so bad and took very little downtime. When I was first going through the healing I was embarrassed, then realized afterwards that there is no reason to be embarrassed at all. The process itself was painless - it just felt a little cold. These dark age spots are never going to come back, according to the dermatologist, and I’m not opposed to doing it again because the process was so easy and makes me feel like I have healthy skin.


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