My Tear Trough Filler Experience With Dr. Esho in London, UK

RebeccaRoberts Patient gender: Female Patient age: 26 Location: London Cost: $482

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Performed 2017

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My name is Rebecca Roberts and I am from London, UK. I went to Dr. Esho for my tear trough fillers, which cost me £350 ($482). I've suffered from hollows under eyes for a long time but they only became more apparent when I lost weight a couple of years ago. I looked tired and my face needed some TLC, so I decided to look into some sort of treatment. I am only 23, so really wanted to have something that wouldn't cause any impact later down the line, something not too invasive. This is where I discovered the miracle that is 'Tear Trough Filler'.

Prior to my consultation I did a ton of research; I watched videos of the procedure and contacted various clinics, until I settled with Dr Esho, who has also since been on various TV shows here in the UK. His work really blew me away, so I decided to bite the bullet and book in for my first consultation. I was also told that Dr Esho would assess me prior to any treatment to ensure this would actually be the best procedure for me.

They day finally arrived and I went up to the clinic on Harley Street. I was nervous and excited at the same time, but it really helped knowing I would soon finally be injecting some life back into my face! I sat in reception waiting a while and was called upstairs where I met Dr Esho. He was super calm, kind natured and saw the issue the minute I walked in which really put my mind at rest. I sat down, explained my reasoning's behind why I wanted the procedure and then he examined my under eye area. I was then told that tear trough filler would be the best route for me and that this along with a touch of cheek dermal filler would give me the desired look.

Before I knew it, the procedure day came. I went fresh faced to the clinic with no trace of makeup, as I didn't want to risk any chance of infection. I would be having juverderm as recommended by Dr Esho. I also asked if I could film the procedure so I could watch it back and share my experience with others.

Before we got started Dr Esho injected my gums with a dental block, which numbed my face. This is essentially what you have at the dentist to ensure you don't feel anything. Once checking I couldn't feel anything, we then started the procedure. A needle was then injected into my face with a micro cannulae to give precise injections of dermal filler along the hollows. I couldn't feel anything and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Once one eye was done, he moved onto the next. He then applied a slight bit of filler at the top of my cheeks to give me that slightly more contoured look.

The procedure was very quick and painless and took approx 20mins. After injecting I had a look in the mirror and could immediately see the results. I was so happy! Of course I was very red as I had just been injected, but I popped on a pair of sunglasses and went home! Dr Esho, provided me with a few face masks and recommended I come back in a fortnight to check results and top up if needed.

The next day I woke up and there was bruising along the bottom tear trough, which was to be expected. I was also quote swollen, but nothing a bit of concealer couldn't fix. Over the fortnight, this went down so I headed back for round two where Dr Esho repeated an almost identical procedure. The day after, bruising and swelling wasn't as bad as the first go. I'd say a fortnight later I was fully healed and more confident than ever.

I honestly would highly recommend it. I never had any bumps or any horror stories like you do hear online, the majority of procedures are positive! Since I have been back for my second procedure after I thought I needed a top up 9 months later.


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