My Varicose Vein Surgery Experience!

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Varicose Vein Treatment

Performed 2017

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I wish I wouldn't have waited all these years to finally deal with my varicose veins! I'm a 41 year old mother of two and for almost a decade I've had problem with a deep vein in my left leg. Along with being a physical discomfort, the veins look really ugly and they definitely made me have low self esteem for a long time. In summer months, any time I would wear shorts I would spend my entire day feeling a little depressed and self conscious. Outside of a little depression, I started to wonder if maybe the veins were blood clots and could be dangerous to my health. I finally told myself enough is enough and went to get them checked out by a doctor.

I quickly learned from my experience at the doctor's office that my condition was different than a problem with a saphenous vein or spider veins. With a saphenous vein, treatment is more difficult or maybe even impossible, I'm not totally sure. All I know is that I had bulging veins for years, and the specialist I went to told me I would be a good candidate for varicose vein surgery. I was a little nervous, as I am before any type of surgery, but he made me feel very comfortable and assured me that the long term rewards would outweigh the little bit of discomfort I might feel after the procedure. Luckily, I experienced very little pain, bruising, or swelling, and within a few weeks I was back to normal activities!

My procedure was a laser treatment which I was amazed to learn was covered by my healthcare. I only was given local anaesthetic along with a little bit of a sedative that made me a little woozy. I was thankful for this because I really didn't want to be completely conscious during the surgery, but general anaesthetic would have been a little overboard I think. I could still hear the doctors talking and could mumble a "yes" when they asked me if I was doing okay, but I was definitely a little out of it.

After the surgery, I stayed laying on my back in the hospital bed while the sedatives wore off. My right leg was elevated and bandaged all the way up to my inner thigh, since my varicose veins were present in my calf and thigh. I wasn't in any pain and a few hours later I was discharged and drove home with my husband. Getting into the car was a little tough, as was climbing the stairs on our front porch, but luckily I had a helping hand. I took some ibuprofen and spent the rest of the day relaxing and actually fell asleep with my leg still bandaged up.

The next morning, I removed the bandages. I had to be really careful doing so, because the blood from the surgical entry points had dried on the gauze. This was definitely the most painful part of the whole experience! I finally managed to get all of the bandages off, and I hopped in a bath instead of a shower so I could keep my right leg from getting wet. I had 9 different small incisions, all smaller than the size of a dime. Each one had a small bandage covering it, which the doctor told me to leave on for about two weeks. After time, they got itchy, but it was a minor inconvenience!

Even fresh off of the surgery, I could notice that my bulging veins had disappeared. Over the next few days, I took it easy, and could feel a little tightness in my leg, but still no real pain. I had to wear compression stockings, which was unpleasant and uncomfortable, but nothing too bad. The only pain came from pulling the stockings over the wounds, and also about a week or so after the surgery when I tried to stomp snow off of my boots. I would not recommend any hard walking or stomping!

Within two weeks, the wounds were just about healed up and I was walking pretty normally again. It took about seven full weeks before the redness from the incision site wounds started to fade back to a normal skin tone. Around this same time, my doctor told me I could get back into an exercise routine, which was very exciting news! It's now been 3 months since my procedure, and like I said in the beginning of my review, my only regret is that I didn't do this sooner! I feel confident and comfortable and I would recommend this fairly simple and straightforward treatment to anyone who was feeling like I was!