My VI Peel Did Wonders For My Hyperpigmentation

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My Chemical Peel Experience

Today I will be writing about my chemical peel experience at the DeRosa Clinic in Boston, Massachusetts. I am a 25-year-old female living in the Boston area. Prior to my visit I had done extensive research on chemical peels and which one would be best for my skin type and the flaws that I wanted to improve. I researched lighter chemical peels like glycolic and lactic acid all the way to the more intense peels like TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and phenol. The one I found best for me was the VI Peel. Since my teen years I have suffered with acne but as I’ve come into my adulthood it has seen to be more frequent. My main issue was to remove the hyperpigmentation so the VI Peel seemed like the best fit for me.

After I settled on the peel that was best fit for my skin type I began to research places in my area that offered the VI Peel service. I took to Yelp so I could check out all the reviews and before and after pictures from previous patients. I typed in “Chemical Peel” while searching in my area and DeRosa Clinic for Facial Athletics was number 6 on the list. I browsed through the first 5 but they didn’t fit the criteria I was looking for.

I called in the next day and scheduled an appointment and I was super excited to finally be having my first chemical peel and being on my way to flawless skin.

When I arrived at the DeRosa Clinic I was pleasantly surprised with the ambiance of the office. The space was brightly lit by natural sunlight and the furniture was white and airy feeling. The receptionist greeted me and was very kind. She offered me a bottle of water while I waited. Shortly after the master aesthetician, Steven Giannetta, greeted me in the lobby. The first thing I noticed about him was how amazing his skin looked. This made me feel happy inside and gave me even more confidence that my results would turn out amazing.

He welcomed me into the patient room and we sat for about 20 minutes discussing my skin. He asked me about my experience with acne over the years, what products I use and what expectations I had for my skin after receiving the VI Peel. He made me feel very comfortable in discussing my wants and gave me realistic expectations. (I would like to note that I had some areas on my right cheek that were once pimples and were at the time still healing. I asked Steven if these would be an issue going forward and he said they shouldn’t be affected.)

We began the procedure with him first taking “before” pictures of my face. He then cleansed my skin and moved right along to degreasing my skin with a medical grade acetone. The smell was strong but bearable. Then we moved on to the peel. He explained that the peel (in liquid form) would be applied in 5 different layers. In between layers he had a small fan going above my head so that the fumes weren’t too intense. After about layer 2 or 3 I began to feel my skin stinging and a slight burning sensation especially on the area I mentioned that was still healing. Again, it was strong but bearable.

The peel itself took about 5 minutes to apply. When it was all done Steven gave me a small mirror so I could look at my face. A common immediate after effect of the peel is that it leaves an orange tint around your face (I’m assuming from the vitamin c in the peel.) He then gave me an aftercare packet with facial cleansers, anti-itch cream, sunscreen, and three “post-peel” toweletts to use at home that would help further intensify the peel for maximum results.

Over the next 7 days my skins outer layer completely shed. Around day 5 and 6 I became nervous for those areas on my cheek that were still healing. They had scabbed up on day 2 and were the last areas to finish peeling. Once they peeled the revealed skin was white. I looked into it some more and what I thought was happening was hypopigmentation, basically the opposite of hyperpigmentation. It’s where the skin completely loses its pigment. And this is more noticeable on women of color (that of which I am).

Aside from this area I was super happy with the rest of my face. The peel had and revealed brand new, baby soft skin.

On day 7 post peel I had a follow up consultation with Steven. We were both very pleased when we took a closer look at my final results. We discussed the area on my cheek where the skin had been lightened and he assured me that it wasn’t hypopigmentation and was not permanent and that the color would return. After the consult Steven recommended some products that I use on my skin to help keep it feeling smooth and glowing. There in the office I purchased the EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser which is sensitivity-free, pH-balanced and oil-free. I also switched my moisturizer over to vitamin e oil which has helped tremendously with lightening any lingering hyperpigmentation that I had from my previous bouts with acne.

I am writing this now two months post peel and I cannot be happier with my skin. My hyperpigmentation lightened and those white areas on my cheek took about a month to fade and blend back in with my natural skin tone. The only recommendation I would make for someone who is interested in getting any kind of chemical peel would be to wait until any open sores have healed before getting it done. I paid $300 for the VI Peel which is pretty standard wherever the peel is offered. Overall, I am greatly pleased with my results and I would highly recommend my aesthetician, Steven at the DeRosa Clinic.

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