My Whole Personal Experience Getting Botox and Fillers

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So you’re thinking of getting some fillers or botox done?I think for a lot of us, it's very common to dislike some of our features. We are all our worst critics. For me personally, there is so much I would like to change about my physical appearance, I am a huge advocate for “if you have the money, do it”. I think a lot of the decision making about whether or not to get fillers falls into two categories. Or at least that’s what I have found to be true from others who have thought about it.
These to categories or, questions per say are; How much does it cost? Will it hurt? I have been asked these questions more than I could count. So to answer the first question I have to say it really just depends. Of course some places are more affordable than others and you have options there but what you really have to ask is, is it worth it? To me, my appearance is important, I always try to look my best and put it effort. So although I don’t have the money for fillers sitting in my bank account at any given time, it is something that is of importance to me and I save for it. Nothing is really expensive when you have a budget plan.

Now as for the pain there are a few things I could say like it doesn’t hurt at all but that’s all really just circumstantial. At the end of the day my pain tolerance may be different to yours. What I can promise you though is that if you are going to the right place, they will make sure you are as comfortable as possible and they will do everything in their power to keep the pain to a minimum. I mean you could even go to the extent of getting a dental block if you’re really afraid of the pain. With that in mind another tip I have for you is to try and book your appointment for when you aren’t expecting your monthly visitor, as this tends to make you a bit more sensitive to pain.
I remember my first time even thinking about getting fillers and Botox done I did so much research, maybe too much. I almost scared myself out of it because I was watching endless videos of injections but reality is you don’t even see the needle and because you’re so numb you don’t even feel it as for the Botox needles, if you can imagine the feeling of a splinter? Now imagine a 16th of what that feels like. It’s really nothing and it’s so quick that even if it does hurt you personally, it doesn’t hurt for long.

Okay, so let me give you some details; I had my lips and tear troughs filled, as well as Botox in my forehead and between my eyebrows. I had always been self- conscious of my hollowed eye area, if I didn’t wear makeup people would always assume I hadn’t slept or I was sick & to be honest I was sick, sick of always being asked if I was sick purely because of my hereditary dark and hollow tear troughs. I was also always trying to half smile in photos as I felt it looked like I had no top lip and a bit of a gummy smile. I also hated the fact that my makeup would crease every time I was emotive in my face, because of the creases in my forehead and brow. These were my concerns and I had to finally tend to them.

I remember calling around to find a clinic that was ‘cheap’, I called so many places and just didn’t really get a good vibe from them. A few hours into my calls I found Dr. Theva, the perfect match for me. It was just one of those things where I though yes, this is the one. Look I’ll be honest, they didn’t fit my “cheap” criteria but they made me feel so comfortable they gave me so much information and to top it off they said something that made me feel a lot more comfortable about the whole thing. When I asked to book an appointment for the treatment they said, “sorry you will have to come in for a consultation first and then come back on a separate day for the treatment”. That’s when I knew it was the right place, they weren’t just trying to take me for all I’ve got, they genuinely cared and wanted me to have some time to think after the consultation before going ahead.

So, the day of the consultation I was so excited and nervous at the same time. A lovely receptionist who had a great attitude and made me feel very at ease greeted me. Then the consultation made me 100% confident in the process. I was given so much information and I had a chance to voice any concerns, which was wonderful.

The day of the treatment felt like it took forever, I was so excited that it felt as if time stood still. I went in, took a seat where all the magic happens and we began. Just a side note before I go on, I spent a week concentrating on getting hydrated, as I was trying to minimize bruising and swelling. I was drinking so much hydrolyte so that’s definitely something to consider doing because my bruising was non-existent. Anyway back to my story so I sat in the chair and the doctor brought out the amazing numbing cream. (That stuff is just crazy by the way, you can’t feel a thing!)
While we waited for the cream to take affect, he began with the Botox. I keep referring to what I got as Botox but the specific product he used was dysport which is basically just another brand of what they use to relax muscles. Now to be honest, for me personally I loved the feeling of getting it done, it was such a strange sensation. Then we went onto the tear troughs, now the tear troughs can’t be numbed unfortunately so it sort of scared me because its such gentle skin in that area, but coming from a big baby like me it was completely manageable and felt weird more than painful.

Back to the lip fillers, by this time the cream was good to go, which he tested anyway by lightly pushing the needle against my lip and asking if I could feel it. Once we had the all clear the poking and prodding began. Let me make this very clear. It is nothing like getting an injection, you can’t feel any sharpness or anything like that, all you feel is a strange feeling that is very slightly discomforting. The lips took a little longer than anything else because we stopped a few times so that I could look at them and see the progress, etc.

All together it took about maybe half an hour and I was out of there, and its time for me to sum this up for you. Very simply, no it doesn’t hurt in my opinion (this is coming from someone who shaves instead of waxes because of the pain), if you don’t like the result just remember its temporary and you never have to do it again if you don’t want to, its not expensive if its something you really want to do and aren’t just doing it to follow a trend and finally when it comes down to it don’t worry too much about what others may think... this is you, your body, if you don’t have total control over what you choose to do with it, then what do you have?

Well, good luck to you all and I hope this clears a few things up for you. PS. Stay Hydrated!!!
- Jasmine Janabi

Dr. Theva

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