Natrelle Silicone Implants: Procedure, Recovery, and Results

user1856540 Patient gender: Female Patient age: 30 Cost: $7,400

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2017

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How many doctors did I visit?

I did a lot of research online looking at before and afters and reading different patient reviews on doctors. I ended up going in to see 2 different doctors. Both were very nice but I ended up going with the one whose staff seemed more professional and a bit older. The doctor is also a bit older and seemed to have more experience doing breast augmentations than the other doctor I saw. I actually ended up paying more for this doctor but I think it is important that you are very comfortable since they are performing a serious procedure on your body.

What happened during the initial consultation?

The staff showed me different types of saline implants and silicone implants. They also had me try on different sizes to see if I felt comfortable with the size. I was also able to see a digital image of what my breasts would look like after the procedure, to get a feel of what my new body could potentially look like.  I made the decision that I would get Natrelle Silicone implants around 350-375 CCs depending on how the doctor felt during the procedure.

What breast size did I get?

Before surgery I was a small 32 B and after the breast augmentation surgery I was a a 32 D. With breast implants you do not go by cup size, you go with CC size which is the actual amount of fluid that is in the implant. The size that I got was 365 CC silicone implants. The type of implant that was used for my breast augmentation was Allergan's Natrelle implants. Depending on how symmetrical your breasts are before the procedure will usually decide if the plastic surgeon will use the same amount of CC's in each breast or put more CC's in one versus the other.

Did I go under or over the muscle?

My doctor recommended that I get my implants under the muscle. It is a more natural feel and less likely to have a capsular contracture. Also, since I want to have kids in the future it is safer under the muscle if I want to breast feed.

What incision point was used for my breast augmentation?

The implants can be put in through the nipple, through the armpit, or through the fold under the breast. My doctor was most comfortable doing the incision under the breast. Going back to having kids, he said this would provide the least complications for breast feeding as well.

How much did the procedure cost?

Depending on where you live or the doctor you go to the price could change drastically. I live in South Carolina and I went to a doctor who was well qualified and part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and my price was $7400. This included all fees.

What happened the day of surgery?

I showed up at 7 am at the medical center and they had to do a bunch of medical tests on me to make sure my vitals were in check. They also have you take a pregnancy test to make sure you are not pregnant. I talked with the anesthesiologist about the IV that was going to be put into my arm and the process of the general anesthesia. The doctor came into the waiting room to greet me and make sure I was completely comfortable. He made a few marks on my breasts, and then I proceeded to the operating room where I was stabbed down and the IV was inserted and the next thing I knew I woke up in post op.

What happened when I woke up?

I was sitting upright in the recovery room on my bed and the nurse fed me some apple sauce and crackers. They also gave me some ginger ale because I was feeling nauseas from the anesthesia which is completely normal. After about an hour my sister picked me up and I was good to go home. I was given a surgical bra to wear and given at home recovery instructions.

What was recovery like?

The first day after the procedure I pretty much slept the entire day. My sister made me some pasta which I was able to get down. I did take my pain medication as instructed but I did not feel too bad, just very tired. I ended up only taking the pain medication for 4 days before switching to ibuprofen. On the second day I was able to drive and run errands, so my recovery was really not bad at all. I think it really depends on your pain tolerance and how your body deals with recovery. Everyone is going to be different.

How are my results?

I am ecstatic with the way my new breasts look. Just remember though it will take time for your breasts to fall into the right place so it is important that you massage them properly and follow any instructions the doctor gives you. I do have small scars but it is worth it and kind of tough to see because it is under the breast. If you have been contemplating breast implant surgery I recommend you do your research and go through with it. It sounds daunting to have surgery but its really not so bad.