November 2017 Update - Week 8 of Invisalign Aligners

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My experience with Invisalign has so far been amazing! I am currently at week 8 of my treatment and for me, that means “tray 4”. Even while only on my fourth tray, I have seen quite a difference in my smile! Dr. Mark Rosenblatt from SmileWorks Orthodontics is incredible. From day one, he was able to address the concerns I had with my teeth and create a plan on how to achieve the smile I really desire. The team at SmileWorks is so friendly and accommodating, it’s surprisingly a very enjoyable experience when I have to go to an appointment. It’s also a very beautiful office that offers free coffee, tea and wifi! Things every girl needs! It’s very modern, honestly the nicest orthodontics office I have ever been to.

I have had braces once before and let me tell you, the invisalign experience is like night and day. For me, I had a very unpleasant experience and painful experience with braces. Invisalign was an answer to prayer! To start,  Dr. Rosenblatt and his team no longer do the putty for your teeth molds. If you have ever had those done, you know how awful they are! Putty molds are cold and they make you gag, it’s terrible. SmileWorks actually can take a digital scan of your mouth and send that off for your molds to be created. Amazing!! After that is finished, it took about 8 weeks for me to actually receive my trays. When I went into the office to pick them up, I actually had to have a 2 hours appointment. The one thing that I didn’t realize going into this process was that you have to have “buttons” put on your teeth to hold the retainers in place. The buttons are a clear cement-like sqaure-ish shape (very small but all different shapes) that are put on your teeth for the retainers to “lock” into. Now, when you don’t have your retainers in, you cannot see the buttons at all. When the retainer is in, you can see where it all locks in. Honestly, not a big deal. I am just happy I am not wearing a hunk of metal!

While they were putting on my “buttons”, they were also taking off the metal bar that was cemented onto my bottom teeth. I cannot lie, that was very uncomfortable to get taken off. I have sensitive teeth and grinding away at the cement was not pleasant. The grinder of the would create heat and then they would spray cold water on the because of the dust buildup. Hot and cold on sensitive teeth is not fun! But, after that was all over and the buttons were put on, I was good to go.

The invisalign was hard for me to get used to. I not only had to wear the retainers, I had to have elastics to correct my cross-bite as well. My teeth for the first three days were VERY sore! I started to rethink this process. I thought invisalign was supposed to be the easier and less painful route! By the third day, I was about ready to call the SmileWorks office to see what the return policy was (lol). But by day four, my teeth were adjusted. Now, 8 weeks in, when it’s time for the new tray, I put them in at night (this was advised to me). That way, by morning, my teeth have had 8 hours to adjust and I have minimal discomfort. It usually takes about a day after putting in a new tray for the discomfort to subside. It’s not pain anymore, it’s discomfort.

I am really enjoying having invisalign, it’s not bother at all. Most of the time I forget I am wearing something on my teeth. I will be wearing the retainers for just under a year and I cannot wait to see the finished results!

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