Obsessed With My Juvederm Filled Lips

AntoniaGabr Patient gender: Female Patient age: 25 Cost: $269

Before and afters

Before Lip Fillers - Obsessed With My Juvederm Filled Lips  - review image.
Before Lip Fillers - Obsessed With My Juvederm Filled Lips  - review image.
After Lip Fillers - Obsessed With My Juvederm Filled Lips  - review image.
After Lip Fillers - Obsessed With My Juvederm Filled Lips  - review image.
After Lip Fillers - Obsessed With My Juvederm Filled Lips  - review image.

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Lip augmentation


Performed 2018

Procedure review

My name is Antonia, I am 22 years old and from Sheffield in the UK. As a bit of a back story, I have had lip fillers (Juvederm) twice now, having 1ml of filler each time. I went to two different clinicians for the procedure, not because I didn’t like the first one but just because the second one was my friend and he offered it to me on a friends and family discount. 

I had wanted lip fillers for around 2 years before actually going ahead with the procedure. I am sure a lot of girls feel the pressure from social media these days to get certain things done to their face / bodies, however, this was never the case with me. I had always been self-conscious of my top lip being significantly smaller than my bottom lip, and constantly over lined it with lip liner (which looked so silly, looking back) to make it look bigger. As a bit of a selfie taker, I always noticed it haha! 

Instagram started to become a major part of my social life and I came across someone called ‘Derma Plus Aesthetics’ who has a hundreds of pictures of all the work that they had done from lip fillers, to cheek filler, to jaw filler. I was so impressed with every single one of their results!! Especially in comparison to other Instagram accounts I had come across. I followed them for around a year before plucking up the courage to contact them and get them done. Sophie who owns Derma Plus and also runs the social media accounts, got back to me straight away! Obviously, I had never had the procedure done before so I had a lot of questions and she covered everything from price, to pain, to what happens on the day. Sophie travels the country, doing different clinics in different salons. So whether you’re from London or Leeds, Sophie is always somewhere accessible to you. I live in a small village outside of Sheffield so was amazed when Sophie was at a salon 15 minutes from me. I didn’t need a consultation prior to having my lips done, which was amazing, as she went through everything on the day. I filled in all the necessary forms, whilst she pilled on the numbing cream. (I had told her that I was petrified of needles and didn't know if I would actually be brave enough to handle getting my lips done, so she put extra on for me haha!) I showed her photos of the outcome that I wanted and she explained that it would take around 3-4 times to get them exactly how I wanted them, which I completely understood. One of the forms you had to fill out, showed a diagram of a pair of lips and you had to fill in where you wanted to filler to go. Sophie assured me I didn't have to do this part if I wasn’t sure, and from the photos I had showed her, she knew exactly where to put the filler. So, now the procedure started! I was very very nervous, I absolutely hate needles and faint every single time I have to have an injection, so you can imagine what I was like! But honestly, the pain was around 5/10. The initial shock of me over thinking what I was actually getting done, and the fact there was a needle in my lip, was the worst part. I am a drama queen and I definitely over think too much. Once I started thinking of something else, I couldn’t even feel it. Sophie takes her time and is very patient, especially with someone like me. I did start to feel faint half way through (standard for me haha), so she made sure I had some sugar in my system and got me some sweets to suck on for a minute or two. After both lips had been plumped I was AMAZED at the results. I was so overwhelmed by how incredible my lips looked. Sophie also assured me not to be self conscious of my top lip ever being smaller because that is normal and your top lip should never be the same size or bigger than your bottom. Honestly I couldn't recommend Derma Plus Aesthetics enough. I would 100% go back to her over and over again for any procedure. She's so professional and incredible at what she does. For first time lip fillers I was amazed. She explained there would be swelling and possibly bruising (many people get a lot of bruising, but I got NONE what so ever, it was amazing!) I paid £200 ($269) for 1ml of filler with DP Aesthetics which is average for filler. She used a product called ‘Juvederm’ and recommended that even if I went somewhere else to get them done again, that to make sure they use this product. My filler lasted around 5-6 months before I got them done again, and even at this stage there was still some plumpness there. Definitely recommend Sophie, she's fabulous!

So after 6 months, I got them done again with my friend Doctor Bobby at Regent Street Clinic in Sheffield. He has a few clinics over the country so again, easy to book in with him. He also used ‘Juvederm’ and I 100% trusted him with my lips - his results are just as amazing as DP Aesthetics, I would recommend both of them equally. With Dr Bobby the process was exactly the same, everything was the same as when I went to see Sophie. Extra numbing cream, because he knows what I am like haha! The only thing is, is that Dr Bobby is super super quick with his procedures, so the pain is ALOT less and I’m talking like 2/10, and its over in a flash. He massaged and squeezed my lips for me, which meant I didn't have to keep squeezing them every hour to ensure that no lumps would appear (which I had to do with Sophie). There isn't much else to say about my second procedure, except that it was the same process as it was with Sophie, and obviously because it was my second time of getting them done, they were visibly bigger than the first time. I was obsessed, I couldn’t believe how amazing they looked! He was obsessed too, he takes pride in his work and you could tell.

I love my lips and will carry on getting them done every 6 months now, to ensure they stay super plump! My confidence has grown mammoth amounts, and I recommend anyone considering fillers, to just do it!! I am so glad I did, I am so happy and would recommend both the clinicians I have seen 1000%. 

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