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Performed 2017

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Hi, everyone! My name is Michelle, a 20-year old who was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 10 years ago, I went under a surgical procedure that would permanently change the way I look - I underwent otoplasty surgery, more commonly known as ear pinning, to pin back my prominent ears!

As a clueless, little 10-year-old girl, my parents helped a lot with the decision to undergo the otoplasty procedure. Luckily enough, I was never teased about having protruding ears that made me look like dumbo, but my parents were always concerned about my self confidence and self-esteem; especially when it had to do with my “unusual” ears. After consulting with my doctor, both my parents and I decided to go through with the decision of getting ear surgery to pin my ears back.

We were then introduced to the plastic surgeon who was in charge of my surgery, Dr. Miller. He and the other staff at the clinic made me feel very comfortable, so I wasn’t nervous for the surgery at all! I had the surgery done at the Children’s Hospital in Downtown Winnipeg, and since I was still a child at the time, my insurance company covered all costs of the surgery; my procedure was free!

I wasn't nervous the day of surgery. Even though an otoplasty is considered cosmetic surgery, I didn't feel scared. After entering the operating room, it was all smooth-sailing from there. I was put under general anesthesia (sleeping gas) so I was asleep throughout the whole surgical procedure! I also think local anesthesia was injected into my ear, in the off chance I woke up, I wouldn't feel anything. The surgery itself took a couple of hours to complete, and once I woke up, I was moved to the recovery room. I woke up to find the upper part of my head wrapped in layers of bandages, which felt a bit uncomfortable when trying to lay down; but other than trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, everything felt absolutely painless! I was discharged from the hospital an hour or two later, after being able to rest for a little while. I did not have any pain and didn't need to take ibuprofen or any other medications. For the next 2 weeks, I had to keep the bandages on until they were ready to be cut off. These 2 weeks were very easy and flew by quite fast, as I stayed home from school so I was usually resting for the majority of this time. I could not wash my hair during these 2 weeks due to the bandages, so make sure to keep that in mind! 2 weeks later, I got the bandages removed, and for the following 2 weeks, I had to wear an athletic headband to lay over my ears. I could now wash my hair again, just making sure to wear the headband again once I was done showering. I started going to school again, and my everyday-life was back to normal. Once these 2 weeks were done and I didn’t have to wear the headband anymore, the healing process was finally complete. For the first few weeks, sleeping is a bit uncomfortable because the stitches would occasionally poke the back of my ears whenever I attempted to lay on my side. As time goes on, the stitches eventually heal and it is totally painless sleeping on your side!

10 years down the road, I am very glad that I got otoplasty done. I no longer have big ears and I'm happy with the way I look now. Even though my parents made the decision for me to get plastic surgery, I am very happy with my news ears. They are perfectly spaced from my head and I'm glad my parents had it done for me. Dr. Miller did an amazing job, and I couldn’t have been happier with the way that it turned out! If you are thinking about having surgical correction of your ears, I support you 100%! Otoplasty is totally painless and worth it, but make sure you do your research! Since an otoplasty is a surgical treatment, you'll want to make sure your doctor is very experienced in doing them. Ask to see plenty of before and photos and ask to speak to other patients the surgeon has operated on. Good luck with everything!

For a more detailed explanation on my otoplasty experience, I've included two videos. I had to break the video into two parts, because Zwivel won't let me upload a photo as large as my original.

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