The Perfect Peel Is Amazing For Large Pores and Acne Scarring

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I want to first start off by saying this has been one of the best purchases I’ve made for my skin. My name is Jabbar Lewis, I am 20 years old and currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I suffered from cystic acne all through high-school. I played sports growing up (football, soccer, track & field, volleyball) and that of course worked against my already prone to acne skin. My dad suffered from bad acne as a teen and my mom has gorgeous skin but it’s very oily so you can only imagine that combo for me. I tried a plethora of products spending well over 2 grand to find the perfect products for my face. Some things worked well but my skin would adjust to the product and it would stop working all together therefore forcing me to go find something new and exciting. In college I picked at all of my acne causing scarring and horrible post pigmentation marks. I started going to a specialist by the name of Celeste Rodriguez @skinbyceleste and she started to give me monthly facials called Hydra Facials which helped tremendously, the amount of blackheads and whiteheads that came out of my skin was breathtaking; leaving my skin soft, brighter and more even toned. What hydrafacials are, basically they suck out the clogged pores that is sweat, makeup, dead skin, and infuses your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. If you can afford to get this treatment on a monthly basis ($150 +) depending on your specialist. I recommend it to anyone of any age. Now being that I picked at my skin so often I had DEEP post pigmentation. The only procedure that could help me that was not drastic and painful was a chemical peel. I had the “Perfect Peel” done to me and it helped so much. I paid $350 for it. The procedure was 15 minutes. Celeste had to make sure my skin was as dry as possible so she used an alcohol pad being that my skin is extremely combination/oily. She then proceeded to put 4 layers of the peel on my skin. My initial reaction was this burns, in comparison to getting a cut and then putting alcohol on it, the burning sensation only lasted for about 10 seconds. On a scale from 1-10 I would say it was a 5. I think it might be a 7-8 to other people but being that my skin is used to different chemicals and picking, I am tolerant to pain. The peel comes with a 6-day post peel box that you follow as you peel. Now the same day as the peel I am not allowed to pick, or wash it until the morning after. My face felt tight, dry and wrinkly, as a snake looks when about to peel. The second day I started to peel around my mouth. The third day it was spreading to my orbital area, with the new skin starting to show, it is vital to make sure you take care of the new skin. The wash that came in the box is a gentle cleanser so every morning and night you wash then only moisturize on the new skin only, the box also included a 2 towelettes that were to be used the second and third day. The towelletes smelled like nail polish remover to keep the skin that didn’t peel as dry as possible and to speed up the peeling process. The fourth and fifth day were the days I peeled the most where its impossible to go out in public without getting weird looks from people. But if you’re shameless I say go ahead and go out and continue your day, it’s a great conversation starter. The days after my peel my skin was in its honeymoon phase meaning my skin wasn’t at its natural p.H balance so it looked a little dull and dry but two days after the peeling was done I started to get this glow that people noticed I received lots of compliments which was extremely uncomfortable for me being that I never received compliments on my skin before. My skin reacts to what is put inside of my body, so my diet is huge now, I do not want to destroy my new skin so staying away from foods that are high in sugar, high glycemic foods such as cakes, sugary drinks, cookies ect ect. I started to intake more fruits and vegetables and that truly will keep your skin for the most part clear of acne and a glow that will radiate from within first then without. Would I do this procedure again? Absolutely! If you suffer from post pigmentation, acne scarring or even large pores, this ‘Perfect Peel’ will do your skin justice.

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