Positive Double Eyelid and Ptosis Surgery Experience With Dr. Kenneth Kim

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Performed 2015

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It’s been 2 years and 2 months since my double eyelid and ptosis surgery. I decided to get the surgery because my eyes appeared very tired and harsh looking because of the way my eyelids drooped. I would often have to use my forehead muscles to lift my eyes to make them appear more open. I also did not like my monolid and wanted a crease. For my surgery, I went to Dr. Kenneth Kim, who is a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.

Going in to my consultation with Dr. Kim I didn't know much about what type of eyes I had or what surgery I needed. Even though I had 2 cousins who had double eyelid surgery with Dr. Kim, I wasn't sure exactly what procedure would be recommended for me. I should also say that while my cousins highly recommended Dr. Kim, I had read mixed reviews online bout him being cold. In my experience, I found him to be kind and pleasant to deal with. I felt like he could relate to me better because he is also Korean.

During my Consultation, Dr. Kim was very kind and caring and spent a long time with me explaining the whole procedure. He showed me a lot of before and after pictures and videos of patients of his who had eyelid surgery. He recommended that for my double eyelids I go with a smaller eyelid crease, which he said would give me more natural looking results. He also recommended combining my procedure with ptosis surgery, which would lift my upper eyelids above the midpoint of my eyes.

My operation was done under local anesthesia and even though the needle hurt a little bit, I really did not feel much else during my surgery. I did feel a bit anxious and felt like I was going to have a panic attack during the procedure but was able to remain calm. Dr. Kim helped get me through the surgery by speaking with me and he was actually pretty funny. This was the opposite of what I had read about him online, where many people had said he was short with them. My experience was nothing but positive.

My post-op recovery period went well. It took about two weeks for all of my swelling to go down after my surgery. I would say I waited about a month until I was comfortable going out to social events with people I didn't know. My surgery results were what I had hoped for though. I do have a visible scar but the scar line is hardly noticeable. You would really have to look very closely at my eyes to be able to tell. I do expect the scar to eventually fade until it's nearly invisible too, so I just have to be patient and let time take its toll. 

Overall I am very happy with my results. The ptosis surgery really worked. I now look less tired and more awake. I feel like it's given my face a more youthful appearance too. Putting make up on is much more natural now andI don't have to use my forehead muscles to open my eyes (that will save me wrinkles as I get older!). I am very thankful for Dr. Kim's work and fee like I was born with natural creases!

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