Progress After 4 Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions

Vuluxous Patient gender: Female Patient age: 36 Cost: $2,800

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Performed 2015

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Years ago I had several large tattoos placed on my left arm between the ages of 18-21. I blame a friend of mine for piquing my interest in tattoos and getting me into them. Thousands of dollars later and years wiser, I had grown dissatisfied with my tattoos and felt they were a mistake. I wanted them removed. It also did not help that I live in Florida and frequently wore sleeveless shirts which exposed my regretful looking tattoos. It hurt me professionally too and I decided against accepting a job from Disney because my tattoos were not allowed to be visible and I would have had to go the extra mile to cover them up every day for work.

Before getting my tattoos removed, I did a good amount of research on the best types of lasers for the darker ink I had. I had read many positive reviews online about the Picosure Laser made by Cynosure. I ended up finding a medical spa close to where I lived that had the laser and scheduled an appointment with them. The place was called Vero Cosmetic Surgery.

I did not find my tattoo removal experience to be too painful. I had ready many reviews online of people who had tremendous pain during their laser treatment and lots of blistering during the healing process. I did not experience this. I found the laser to hurt no more than when I got my tattoos. Each laser treatment removal session only lasted around 10 minutes and I asked for topical numbing cream, which was applied around 10 minutes before the treatment started. You should make sure you know what type of laser is being used to remove your tattoos, because different lasers work and hurt much more or less than others.

How the laser removes your tattoo is quite interesting and I had watched a video on Youtube that was very informative about this. Basically, the laser zaps the ink particles that make up your tattoo and that causes them to fragment into smaller particles, which are eaten by your immune system cells and then expelled from your body. This is the same process that naturally occurs from the day you receive your tattoo and is why your tattoo looks so sharp when you get it, but fades a bit with time. The only difference is that the laser expedites this process by a lot.

To date, I have had 4 treatment sessions that were spaced 6 weeks apart. My arm looked a bit battered after each sessions but I applied ointment to my arm which helped. For those of you reading this that have small tattoos you want to remove, your tattoo removal experience will probably be much easier than others like me with large tattoos.

I am happy with how much my tattoos have faded but I regret ever getting tattoos. I have 'tattoo regret' which is more common than you would think, so kids, don't get tattoos unless you're really sure you want one!

The cost of getting and now having to remove my tattoos has really hurt my purse. These laser sessions are not cheap for tattoos as large as mine (around $700 a pop).

I recommend tattoo laser removal if you're absolutely certain you want to have your tattoo removed. The entire process could be worse but do yourself a favor and think twice before getting that next tattoo.

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