Restylane Kysse and the Teoxane Teosyal Lip Filler Experiences

ChelseaNich Patient gender: Female Patient age: 26 Cost: $650

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Before Lip Fillers - Restylane Kysse and the Teoxane Teosyal Lip Filler Experiences - review image.
During Lip Filler Procedure - Restylane Kysse and the Teoxane Teosyal Lip Filler Experiences - review image.
After Lip Fillers - Restylane Kysse and the Teoxane Teosyal Lip Filler Experiences - review image.
After Lip Fillers - Restylane Kysse and the Teoxane Teosyal Lip Filler Experiences - review image.

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Lip augmentation


Performed 2018

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Having large, full wrinkle/line free lips has always been a dream of mine - no question. I've been looking forward to getting my lips done since I was in high school. Fast forward 7 years to me being 24 years old and finally taking the leap to make a consultation appointment at a highly praised MedSpa. I made an appointment at External Affairs Med Spa in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada let them know I wanted to enhance my lips and the date was set. My appointment was on March 27. Once you arrive at External Affairs, they have to fill out answers on 3 pages of questions (this includes questions regarding your physical health past/present as well as your mental health/body image). After all your questions are answered and you explain what you wish to have done during your appointment, you get to have a quick check in with the head doctor at External Affairs. He asks you a series of questions and reviews the answers you filled out on the paperwork. Yes, these are all things that are done and asked of your prior to meeting with the injector and having anything injected. Once I got the go ahead and pass from the doctor it was smooth sailing and I was now in a separate room with my injector! My first time round of getting filler, my nurse was Nurse Khalyn. We sat down and she asked me what I wanted to have accomplished from my appointment with her, I let her know how I wanted to enhance my lips, but not lose their shape. Just poutier in the middle and avoiding anything that is at first noticeably different. (Take in inspiration picturs. This 100% helps when you may be struggling to explain what it is you want to see done during your visit.) After this I was laying in what seemed something similar to a dental chair, but much more comfortable. Khalyn layered my lips with a white gel that immediately began to work, freezing my lips so much that they felt HUGE. She let that rest on my lips for 5 or so minutes before it was wiped off (avoid getting the numbing gel in your mouth, not a good taste). First a small poke with a needle to create a pathway at the corners of your mouth for the cannula needle to go into the lip to fill with the product. You will feel some pain with the cannula moving in through the lip, but nothing that will send you to the point of fainting. You will feel some slight discomfort when the cannula passes around the nerves in the lips. (The cannula needle is a dull tipped needle, it will not pierce the nerve, it will simple bump the nerve as it moves its way around in the lip). The strange part is you don't feel much of the needle itself, rather you feel the product getting pumped into your lip. She used 1 full syringe of Restylane Kysse, which was distributed evenly through my upper and lower lip. Each time she pulled the cannula needle out she would gently massage my lips to avoid any uneven bumps/lumps that could come from uneven distribution of product. Once she was done with the cannula needle, she took an even finer small needle to build up the cupids bow area as well as the centre of the bottom lip to create a sexy natural pout. She massaged my lips one last time, let me know to avoid excersize until the next day, drinking from a straw, to keep my lips hydrated and that my results will fully show within 2 weeks. A word of advice was to also keep the ice pack that was provided on my lips for 15 minute intervals in the evening. Leaving my appointment, my lips were noticeably red and very swollen but they were everything I wanted and more. Eating was trying that evening because I wanted to baby my lips as much as possible. I kept myself hydrated by drinking lots of water to heal the new trauma that was placed on my lips as well as to avoid any potential for bruising. Waking up the next morning my lips were swollen, not extremely. I was able to go through my day without any discomfort and began to see my lips taking their new enhanced full shape. 2 days later I began to notice a small purple don't on my lip, it was a small bruise from the lip filler. The swelling had gone down within 3-4 days with no pain at all. I enjoyed my lips as much as humanly possible. 

I did find that within 2-3 weeks I was missing the size of my lips when they were swollen and that I couldn't really tell a difference with just one syringe. (Keep in mind my lips are naturally larger/fuller, nurse Khalyn actually thought I had lip filler done previously.) I found 1 syringe wasn't enough and I wanted to go larger. I booked an appointment for May 8th again at External Affairs (approx 4 weeks later) I got in with a different injector this time, nurse Shelly. I arrived at my appointment, during my consultation I had explained to nurse Shelly how I wanted a fuller pout as I couldn't really tell a difference from my first round of lip filler. This was no problem, since I had Resetylane Kysse done previously, she wanted to use Teoxane Teosyal Kiss as this is a more prominent lip filler that won't dissolve out as quick as other lip fillers. She also explained to me that she would never use or recommend to use Teosyal Kiss on someone who's never had lip fillers before, as this is such a strong product. I was immediately worried that the Teosyal Kiss would leave my lips hard and tender to the touch, Shelly let me know that this wouldn't happen. Same as last time, I sat 5 minutes with the numbing gel before she wiped it off, poked me with a pathway needle then went in with the cannula. At first the cannula itself hurt while in the lip, since the Teosyal Kiss has numbing properties in it, once the product was injecting - I felt absolutely nothing. I was completely frozen. She injected with the cannula then went around my cupids bow and bottom belly of my lower lip to finish shaping out my lips, followed by massaging the product evenly through out. 

Immediately prior to leaving, my lips were noticeably swollen and red. We went in with 1 full syringe of the Teoxane Teosyal Kiss. Shelly told me that if I find the next day I'm still very swollen and my lips are hard to take a Reactine/Claritin allergy pill to help subside the swelling (it wasn't an allergic reaction, the product is very strong). Leaving the appointment, my lips were swollen and hard feeling. There was a burning I felt within my lips, from the numbing gel as well as the numbing in the Teosyal Kiss, I was numb to my chin as well as into my nostrils. Again, avoid straw drinking, excersize, ice my lips 15 minute intervals throughout the evening and wait 2 weeks for full results. I was sore that evening, I even looked up Teoxane Teosyal Kiss results/reviews online and found that what I was seeing/feeling was completely normal after the injection. I kept my ice pack on, kept hydrated and took a Claritin allergy pill to help subside the swelling. The allergy pill did help but the swelling did take approx 1 full week to subside prior to seeing a natural look of results on my lips. During the healing time, my lips were very firm feeling as well as tender. 2 weeks is truly the amount of time until I seen full results. 

I can easily say that now, 2 syringes later, I am 100% happy with the shape of my lips as well as the feel of my lips. I prefer the loud and proud method when it comes to getting any cosmetic procedures done as it helps others who may be considering it for themselves (sharing also makes me feel well!). I wanted to leave pricing to the end because I feel it would take away from me explaining the physical experience of this process. At external affairs, they let you know of the cost of everything prior to them doing any work. Feel free to let the nurses know if you have a budget and they will 100% find a way to work within that budget and help you reach your desired goals. Both the Restylane Kysse and the Teoxane Teosyal Kiss were $650 for 1 full syringe ($325 for half syringe). They explained to me that all syringe prices were the same, no matter the brand (juvederm/restylane/teosyal). Of course it was $650 plus tax (inevitable). 

None the less, I can say again that I love my lips. Even though it is a costly (temporary) investment, it is 100% worth it and something I will keep financing when I see the need to. I recommend anyone to take the plunge and make an appointment to have a consultation and see if this is a right fit for you. A little enhancement never hurt nobody! I will leave you on this note, take deep breaths and enjoy your results!!

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